Wood ear mushroom dried, reconstitute
Shitaki mushroom dried reconstitute
Day lillie’s dry reconstitute
Sweet potato noodle dry reconstitute
Fat wonton ‘noodle’

1.25 pounds beef shank for stock
1″ ginger
1 Star anise
1 Bay leaf
Shezuan peppercorn
Shaoxing wine
(Water to cover, soak first meat an hour)

Scallion bundle/s

After 2 hours philadelphia elevation as Colorado differs, dice tender shank meat, remove spices from stock.

Ingredients continue.
Potato/corn starch slurry
Light soy
Dark soy
White pepper
Black vinegar
Probably sugar
Sesame oil

Fried dough puffs

Julienne reconstitute veg/noodle. What showed as a double side by side eggroll sized dumpling sheet I cut after folding to long fat noodle. Portion ingredients, stock then add seasoning then slurry thicken as to your tastes finish with sesame oil garnish with dough bits

I’ll rewatch that obvious ly.!. But not bad for first memory

I can make a decent cream, cheese, typical canadian bacon but fried roast ham can do, leek and potato soup. Yes with mozzarella garlic and mozz melts as string city so you’ll be blending and seiving this to be creamy not crappy. Fitzgerald’s casino, since renamed saratoga. Blackhawk, CO. (Usa)

Although it’d be neat to tomato a sauce or soup, semi homemade is fine,. Smoked tomato red pepper soup. It not impossible to roast pepper and soup it pureed then blend some “campbell’s” with a smoked paprika.
Heard much on it got it at steelbachs in tampa fl It’s no longer offered unfortunately, but it’s a nice upscale place

then just paprika partied with campbell’s 😉

I’m considering as fourth and fifths soups
Homespun gumbo
Seafood gumbo, st charles tavern, Nola
Not a can of campbell’s….tasted the rux

Split pea w/ham & bacon (I can’t tell you how exquisite attending “soup for the soul” was alas, it’s mega shine up $100 a ticket then to go… It’s a hooty fundraiser! But I don’t think you understand soup nazi level soups til you get here and maybe one or two places aren’t on as in supporting…. But ooooo! Serious appetizer, serious soup! radio station web-ad

Lobster bisque was the bestest soup I got in Florida travels ending a year ago

Not sure I’ll borscht but that’s fun for watching “October Sky” the movie…. I’m not sure I’ve victems or a pressure cooker.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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