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A retread on the hot & sour chinese soup but with a different purpose….

I know this is a huge shock! I don’t know every ingredient not recognize if I’ve had them or explore so perfectly in direction following I get it first go. However, I do like to goose my luck! I ask tasting ideas similarities or what to shop for… And even picture after picture to maybe not screw up.

I e I’ve made swedish pancakes straight out of a potato and both flour & milk salt an oil for frying enough to try them straight out of Astrid Lindgren’s “Pippi Longstocking” book. For awhile I could find them very rarely in 1990’s 2000’s Denver Colorado out dining. Mmmm if I did but ooo complain as they always came with bacon and applesauce…. I don’t hate bacon but prefer sausage patty. Anyways. Read. I didn’t find them unlike a cross between a hash browns and a pancake.

James fennimore Cooper’s leather stocking tales mentions lapsang sou chong tea. Which I check hooty sources and even my erudite professors in my tours in higher education which…well some of you think I’m smart, but mcflunk I did in higher ed. Value meal combo style! Anyways in a third tale, timeline 1827 height of sheik to times teas there it is yet twenty before it wasn’t a whisper at the london teahouses. Case in point but different product is I’m just old enough to have came up before ranch was the number one salad dressing. I vividly remember Broomfield colorado old Safeway shopping store down from the junques saloon across from a Broomfield drug with its wine section…a time of 3.2% alcohol enforced… Now groceries sell beer and wines again but eek when I find 20%rum and rub my shins where she kicked me! Because I was sarcastic as I asked for help after she said it was her store! And had to find it myself blind. But lovely memories came or half strength rum. Anyways they demolished that area revitalized it with a target store that also long gone. Anyways times come and go and James fennimore soon was James pratt’s “a tea lovers treasury.” And ten years after the book this
Tea store of Boston massachusetts usa which in my before gevalia coffee became stores everywhere boring it was mail order no it’s the gamble your store has it or you pay double plus shipping to amazon it. Dang it! Bet you still get excited amazon shopping and delivery. I always loved the mail. Be anyways I got my smoked tea. I had hear hukwa from the more experienced heh. I still prefer my lap tea as my less amused friends called it.

Day lilly. Sorry don’t know smell or taste. From ingredients in wuxi styled hot & sour soup video. This site I’m mad at as I had to forego another time in my life trying Johnny walker blue label scotch because I just had to buy something weirder. This time it wasn’t absinthe it wasn’t zirbenze as it was yellow chartreuse at O M G! A bottle priced (10% income level spirits purchases get noted) and wouldn’t it figure I had my try and it bleep bleep sucked bleeep bleep site!!!! Next and the fatality for my ire set was the booze pudding that by their directions didn’t set when I went out of my way with previous success exploring but relied is n them for a foolproof neat-o that was boozy milkshake runny not pudding…..bleeep! Bleep bleep site! But be careful to test your words understaning as it matters and people can count on you but it is just a recipe not everyone will come out and not every bit of advice works for YOU you might just be universally cursed and or suck at life! Smooches! Anyways. Don’t you love how all the bleeping hint I get to molest others bellies is woody? Earthy? Thanks again spruce eats! (I mean it the thanks sincerely also, I can’t say I don’t take it with a grain of salt)

And while this youtube is fun, I’m suffering foreign things swimming in my head and the last hunt just like this one and heh life circles I’m even moving back in with my sis thinking Chinese haha I had bought a Chinese box of harder find ingredients last time and fell in love with my luck as I found black vinegar and tasted it identify ably ever since! Now it’s shaoxing wine and two vids the wine! And a grocery your

I bring this up because Murin. Or I’ve made sushi rice. Irritating the flavors of this or that thing expected when lordy! A splash of apple cider vinegar with sugar would’ve done! I very much try to get approximates hence like you I get steamed if I try very hard and all I’m doing is juggling box jellyfish of changing if not easily lethal opinion.

Yet I expect you to learn fast that sherry is NOT soy sauce. However it’s meant to sub for the shaoxing wine sherry and it can!

And my hot and sour will have carrots damn it. That’s authentic to ME!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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