Rum Rum Away A Memory

i never could find 90% rubbing alcohol so I had to use 40% Rum. I soaked my lenses all day and went to drink that off and BLICK!! All the garlic I steamed into my face cooking was in the mix! I will toothpaste in a bit hoping I get a bit less cloudy lenses but don’t expect much …. But I have less memorable one way anyways lenses now! Now to reinstall them soon hoping I don’t snap the uninsured frames or my teeth.

i was supposed to discover a seminal something according to my horoscope. Garlic infused booze…. Hmn outside of homemade vodka based bloody Marys…. Hmn. And I know that sounds gross garlic booze but oddly some help make flavor you just can’t duplicate.otherwise.

i made a cobbler. It did well even if all I had was honey. And worse, I didn’t get peaches in syrup but juices… So I really had to hope I got my liquid balance close thus I had crusty all right atop hot peaches or it came out!

First peach cobbler in ages! Gold medal ap flour is wheatier than some so I was doing okay finding out I’ve not a grain of sugar ACK!

I sit with sip left non garlic rum running away the last of my cherished days not in dialysis 😉 not buckets and go ahead and think even if dialysis is mean, it will remove a hangover, such is it’s job! Don’t think it’s a free for all!

prior day muffins

Oranging the rummy raisins

Chug mem’ries nothin’

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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