Pink Elephant

Pink petrified wood is one of my last searches even if I found purple prettier. I remember grandmoms punk bathroom. Of course, wow it is knowing petrified wood can be MADE versus some mystic hope it can be bought … And in truth, while I buy mostly dark roast coffees, I’m sure that’s mostly because they make chocolate come alive! Lost? Sometimes even I feel that way.

i got meds taken. I got up around 2am home nearer 10pm swift to bed. It’s a day off and yesterday emergency laundry a.m. means I’ve the weeks duds clean. I’ve dishes I *could* get excited about. Don’t hold out your salvation hands yet, such is unlikely. ;). I could make a ham cheese eggs something too. I’m also just as glued to this chair. Watching for Dawn. Not being in some rush feeling I’m always waiting for something or to begin eventually is getting easier.

I’m trying as you might not see to discern as I’ve such a budget that discernment hahaha is important as I prepare into journeys not my brothers home but now to sis’ but hopefully try try again maybe damn well mine! Can occur. I’ve surely invested towards this but to achieve that impossible but on the way that allows a modest freedom within that obvious entrapment of managing within neighbors… nay this may that just like a horse giving up the grief they at bigger in size not necessarily attitude can be challenges. But as I’ve gone afoul of family friends neighbors roommates etc but seek my niche even still, you can sense I’d think more conspiratorial of pink Elephant s as the not there hallucinations of resolved issues turning out not to be issues at all as gee duh, I’m sick of forever seemingly bouncing here to there beginning over.

What within me attracts poorly calamities yet is both true but not a damnation game of myself?

It’s okay to go eat even if I may not have the largest array of goodies to sort through. It’s likely breakfast blend mild light roast next. I’m tiring of the bitters and only have frosting chocolate for the chocolate of the coffee. Greasy coffee! Woohoo!. Heh.

I seek today to be by move day to consistent ly not be a pa k a day smoker less to quit but to not! Open winters doors as much in a save money mine and others way. I awoke after a day to success after 3 days after it finally.

I still let the devastation of it all lap against the ship in a Marina. I know it seems a forever away but overnight stuff has changed right in it’s times always. I have biscuits still. I’ve even baking powder and flour and that honey to cobbler.

It seems my impossibilities are acceptance as if true and I stop caring or investment troubles fighting or empowering what I’d rather not attract. But that my pro.ised land is come as I make it. Fight it. Lovingly accept what seems the silver within the sours occurances.

Yet bad as I can fit sometimes have adjusted my instincts to better court my success’s hopes.

Knowing while it was possible it is okay it didn’t yesterday arrive. I gave all and both won but didn’t my prevailing goals. That in my now with pink elephant painting is me now. Curious how to best make luxury occur on the nothin I have.

i have a packet of unopened oat bran. Thus I’m only spices and msg from taco bell styled ground beef and chicken fillings. I have to try warmed to 155/164°f milk within my coffee press to see how steamed”” milk works to hold the air or foaminess. So my upcoming return as I know I will to dark roasts… Is fancified coffeeshop shites of delights. I got the poached egg sorta down so to more sammiches. But maybe a boat drink more.

Trying just to plug in still after eek disastrous occurances hopes in romanced futures atom bombed. Wondering but let go of the what’s next? Which about when it turns up 😉 AFTER I don’t chase it.

Yes I dream not of barbara eden’s Jeanie… I dream of oatbranned cheap burrito cheap taco. Pink elephants and less bitter bunk coffee annoyances. I should make breakfast

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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