So it starts a kiss
Not without some risk
As it was his home
And a time love sits

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Fragmentary”

I normally ruin the post with exposition.
While I can’t help but do so, at least it’s in a comment.

I’m torn to add to this fragmentary thing.

It’s near a year til it’s obvious to my heart it won’t be as it was. A kiss of her careening in traffic to be sixteen if for a n instant (without dates, you can easily gather menopause was closer) and even if she says she’s aged a decade it seems in a year I’m not true love, I still say she’s cute. Attractive or whatever damned one word that can say my heart without it being a fight. Hint, of his truth didnt end well for me. I’m trying not to be a dick head.

A year and I still care. If counting the previous, ‘I love you’ molding roadside, 4 years of the damn iching saying she may return yet neither have said a word or syllable. I can’t see a way to break silence as I’ve my answer I’m loved perhaps but it’s a smile guard-safed to be sure in her heart as she pursues another.

I still see only depression. Defeat.

But it’s sauvignon blanc. On a non dialysis day. Wines less than water’s each ml beers. Mechano-biologically, I don’t even get to drink you away as kid Rock sang. Sure! I’m angry disappointed! I sacrifice for your happiness without any mine. I told you I’m selfish.

I told you enough obviously to leave me for true love.


Sauvignon Blanc’s lemongrass limes grace my palate as does my joy it’s Chilean wine.

As m I mad at you? Probably but watch it melt with another kiss..

Is it only lust I love your car many even if you are currently a bleep? No. I’m still sorry I wasn’t truth I wasn’t enought. So far. (Dumbass still a year later believes is any ‘us’

Fuck!, I can understand your braindead surely telling me it’s stuffed lives! Not stuffed Olives. It fucking by pickles green mostly damn it I adore blind trusting. As you later by my trust ram my my shoulder 🥰 nto a roads SIGN as I asked you to help guide me blind on our road adventure. I can understand you want what I sometimes need a helping hand. I can help. I know I’m too late- known quantity..

Fuck me, I love both your soul and being abed with you. I suppose I should gratefully say thanks for thus fuck as you’ve evaporated in time. I failed basic hopes.

I see no hope of any dream mine coming true so you may be gleefully sad it’s so. I bless you your time as sad as memory is over wine or whatever remembrance you’re georgous whatever fa u lts you think you got unlikely to show in a quickie licking your genitals very much still genitals seven hundred years later yes you’re old so the hell what.

Best p a rt here is I know you’ll never come. It’ll never be as it was.

If one version you came eek you’re kids would LAUGH at you! Fuck you for your strength. Bitcif the other then fuck you for your belief as obviously possible doesn’t matter over how much youre garunteeable. Cunt. Yes your favorite word which you have been. Treat me to nah he has our home I bought as he moved in my life unemployed broke but God forb de I need help fuck you cunt yes mad but might as well clear my air. Sadly I feel no better calling names and I know they annoy you.i listened.

Anyways bless your forwards both of you all of you. Even if I get the nothing you show my worth to be.

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