Upping My Luck
“A” scratch removing compound.

A decidedly irritating conservation but the point by which this operation works or utterly fails,softening%2520it%2520with%2520isopropyl%2520alcohol.&ved=2ahUKEwi-qvjq5MnrAhWIXM0KHQRRDhgQFjADegQICRAa&usg=AOvVaw0QbYrf3tix58yJd0wIHueq
I have a not easy to see but it’s a plastic film applied atop my lenses one is greenish and the other pinkish + these are the anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings as I’m told….not gaurunteeing anything anymore. But it’s clear a coating is there and it’s woefully degraded but not entirely gone. Blur-city blurrrrr and just simply polishing is not going to get me results as I’m not removing this “blurrrrr” correctly

Next, while not optically pure meaning it’s going to cause distortions, truly deep scratches can be filled with essentially clear acrylic nail polish and then polished smith to surface geometry expected. This isn’t perfect, but truly getting to hot polishing everything down alters the script toooooo much defeating the purpose of the repair! No repair is going to restore my old eyewear… I do wish however to eek out another good many months use of them though !!

So: STRONG isopropyl alcohol

Clear nail polish

Various cloths and scrapers and voila! What sounded cheap has a chance at doing a workable job that means while I’ll find faults at least cars I should with my pathetic sight still be able to see past 200 ft you know 35mph/60kph type speeds that I can safely choose to cross but even if I chose poorly, there’s a modest chance another can correct for my choice and not splatter me I’m sorry all over the place. Currently cars only appear at 75 or so feet…. Not enough to safely do anything!! I can’t read with my eyewear more can I do without them as I get far less than 75 feet vision otherwise including not being sure of lights across an intersection… So believe me improvement is highly desired though nothing modern lasts nor is simple to repair!

But I want to improve my luck and early Thursday the orders go out .

I try one to three project cookery things so I may enjoy the thrills food.

I’m fairly set that one project is mussels in white wine cream sauce.
4.99/ I’m guessing 12oz block frozen probably green mussels ala sprouts market and cream ~$2.50 (h&h) and bota box gets better marks for dryer white wines vs black box and at mini (500 ml) cartons wine is sufficient to recipe….yes, glass for me too and around $5 far cheaper and more reliable than finding a $5 bottle of disappointed. Other itemry is basics to house staples. But the boys box vote was nice to goose my chances without horridly blowing my drinks budget having to get a big box and wine and me magnet…hence I prefer to spirits as I like them less. pretty much USA wide)

By finding bota as a mini, I’m allowed to consider both a drinks of the month, probably a vodka something… Vodka sodas and then a more elaborate orange creamsicle tasting yummy, and a second fancy project… I’m hoping chili verde which means chili cheese fries to smothered burrito.

Not bad for this pre-work on what’s what so while I still end up shopping and that takes time, it’s more likely to stay on budget and be fruitful. This is me upping my luck. Eyewear is around a year of heavy outlay new, cooking can easily be a budget blown on one I oops have to toss it and my budget too as I oft run flat out of gas for half a week or more…things perish. My third hope is as I gotta fuck around with a lotta errands this way about town for the right things,. I might as well add hmart for upgrade store level still maki sushi rolls so I can enjoy this providing I get the two or more knives to cut the rolls sharpened correctly. Sushi is such a bitch about good tools required! In my opinion of course…. And it just is no good trying after just what I need, sharpen one knife and I’ll find it in a pool of glue in a box a week after I needed it if I get just one my needs met technically but live in boyland where tools any tools get used and gee duh no wonder eventually misuse means there isn’t tools.). Any and all scissors have a half-life equal to the budget for clear plastic packaged gadgets folk can afford… God help you if you see the kit will be rifled for those ruined instantly scissors for fabric cutting so that infernal package of electronics can be opened!!

Fried fish sushi is a simple broken bit of baked breaded but good brand fish filet
Tin teriyaki braise unagi (roasted eel) goes nicely with carrot and green/spring onion
Smoked salmon also good on bagels with cream cheese is a fairly popular duplicate able roll
Spicy tuna which is an altered tuna salad in this case are my particular skill currently possible chances .

Sure I can consider but unlikely to achieve good results a dragon roll which often is that eel idea but avocado and a couple not one sauces principally… Um I’m just sensing a cut finger.

This stretches my likely budget well and good but I’m betting it’s both fun, and yet philosophy wise sets me to enjoying as much as I can of what I both need and like… Trust me put it down the sink if you ever NEED an alcoholic beverage…

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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