Visions, Dillusions

Recently, an old roommate / friend returned “home” to where he originates – Mikkeli, Finland.  Given his general CRAZY activeness of anything active, and old days riding Michigan’s not quite metro Detroit anymore, I looked about the maps.  It came up with a bunch of cycling references.  Even a little, cycling shows the distances doable at about 250 KM blocks from a port of entry to his town – Helsinki Finland to Mikkeli Finland, which while doable seems more fun to train.  Mikkeli to Svetogorsk, Russia and because now it’s onnnnllly 250KM from here to ST Petersburg, Russia….ooo! This suddenly is an active holiday dillusion!…. Oops, Vision.

Picturesque st Petersburg with for me vague Dostoevsky mentions and a stereotypical vodka.

Anyways.  I can’t even bike my own hills well if at all.  I have no caboose.  Behind.  So as it’s been a bit since I biked anywhere, and I’m curious as always a little bit further into possible when I’m very often biting off a lot but think it’s possible!  E-Bike.  I mean I’m not allowed to Motorcycle, I’m legally Blind.  But I just can’t do any journey justification when the last distance day riding was 32 miles … ~52km thank you Google and etc!  I wasn’t destroyed energy wise.  And my longest day ride with grandad at 14 was 49 miles of glorious Ann Arbor Michigan area riding…. I was shagged out then!   So I know well to note distances and ability yet not forget time is cruel as in 14 I literally weighed 189 lbs versus 62.5kg is my dialysis target dry weight…or apples to oranges in life points! Hahaha. By the way that’s under 140lbs, 62.5kg.  so, 250km on my own steam? M not in one push! (Day). And I’m curious how much the ebike offers in oomph (peddle) assist.

Such is the retrain.  Neat what one can find on the internet!  And, while I’m used to standup typical roadbikes, I find the recumbent ones neat and! Can light me one of these hopes I’m not smooshed,


At least I wouldn’t be lying!  Hahaha everyone’s favorite, a slow incompetent driver on the road!  I dream of being internationally annoying…



But as an ebike as this style bike isn’t oft an ebike. And 2600 is a bit budget busting at present so hmn.


Back to my cinnamon coffee.  ;). But as this notion hasn’t disappeared in days, I figured I’d note how nuts I am.  My last bike adventure ooo was that fun even if I asked my companion as I can’t see well, to lead and  🎶🎶George, George, George-of-the-Jungle, strong as he can be… Watch out for that TREE!🎶🎶 Is how that went… Yes, I still smile.  Oh heheh I tell on myself wishing a moment continued.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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