Working On It

I bought me a Chinese Eggplant.  I have three ways I can approach cooking this.

Full out eggplant parmesan of slice, salt, drain, bread it, fry it… presumably serve with simple sauce spaghetti carefully boldly herbed.

Split, hollow, fill, bake stuffed eggplant presume I’ve rice and whatnot not enough.

 Dice and bake, simple kinda like country potatoes baked eggplant.  Slice onion and likely ranch dressing for a veggie taco.

I can bake, scoop out, puree with tahini and various spice and oil…baba ghanoush…. similar to hummus. But I lack the stuff on hand for this.  Sometimes I remember that what’s the point of a sandwich if it doesn’t get those good garden fixings? Junior High School era friend. Don’t get by unless you must, have what’s good with things. Restaurants bliss for you! At home for supposed savings!

So I’m offered roommate’s chicken wings.  He describes them as salty.  So! You made Lot’s Wife Turned Around Wings?


Yes, it amuses me but doesn’t quite punchline joke…oh well

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Working On It”

$3.49 a pounds @ 0.79 lbs – 8.32 for the plant, a bag of ginger snaps @1.99 4 cans @ 69 cents @ 8 oz. Simple tomato sauce. I just tossed a few Italian sausages in the freezer and I’ve a pound or so wheat not bullshit spaghetti…. And 2 limes @50 cents…if you you’re picking pennies on this from $14 plus about $1.50 more change in the pocket and a del taco fuel up prior 4 @ 69 cents soft tacos with medium/black pack sauce.

And as for tahini…mmmm but brat, you’re half a country away and technically haven’t invited me!

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