Political Poo-Poo I live in Colorado USA and am less than a year from Tampa/St Petersburg Florida and previous to that, Ft Benning (army base/Columbus Georgia) then Colorado again heh…

I’m well aware of common figuring AND how you might as well double the pricing given or money’s stated required as such too often seems the price actually due. I’m also well aware of how much comes… Like I’m medically disabled and due to weirds still not repealed of that I’m blind legally and thus allowed a modest but important higher bit more doubling as it works out what I get. It is one FIFTH the stated above requirement to “live”. Minor restrictions of assets and savings prohibit block simple home ownership or technically ever a new car…etc. And with this framework I must buy insurance…. That offers a you can be billed atop that. Now I’m offered $432 a month insurance and
Such is $338,xxx.xx in billing offering me $43,xxx.xx to pay that’s just to June – I’m seeing $75,xxx.xx a month normally with $18,xxx.xx I may be billed or $900,000.00 a year medical care. But $165,000.00 ish I may be billed. Now please don’t misunderstand this as not understaning medical is spendy… Or that I’m whining… It’s just that I’m allowed 85,000 as a threshold if! I earned above disability and this threshold repeals the base insurance which Humana seen suppliments… Or I would get the whole $900,000.00 at current expectations just to pay my way understandably? I understand I’m not allowed a simple fair way forward. Self determined, independently.

I was quoted terms of I’d get $5,000.00 atop the quoted price in likely fair billing. It’s going to be $165,000.00. I never can raise this. At least under current circumstances. Even a good job only buries me alive with threat of repaying insurance as up to seven years will be reviewed if yo catch good. Don’t forget the average billed cost dialysis, my particular expense, is $100,000.00 you’d shake your head why I’m seeing $900k?

I’m one for rules believe me, I missed responding to a letter within 2 weeks and lost all income for 2 years reapplying. But it’s amusing political poo-poo I see I’m cared for but only at expense to my independent dignity -thus I still pay! LoL. Threats should you try normal ways ahead versus a fair accounting and channels to reward effort? (This also demonstrates statistics misinform. $53k is expected you buy the machine $20k peritoneal dialysis not the double of hemodialysis I’m on…which I can’t start my own double IV for… Yet you can sorta see yourself it’s not $53k but $900k. As long as I’m banned from achieving in illness success even despite odds… Threat of utter bankruptcy and preexisting condition bans on forward? Hahaha what poo-poo

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Political Poo-Poo”

Ohm? Odd the irony it’s a chant to rid of resistance and the unit in science of resistance!

Now just to get you confused or smiling and or both 😊. – there is a fairly easy spiritual throughway about this:. Crushing seem, forever obstruction etc; it’s simple. Accepting a truth or whatever but not empowering it.

Take high billing. First, I can only be a joy as I’m begging as this is set up. Annoy lol. But shhh that annoy might be mistaken for confusion of why they’re sooooo nice…. ;). 😁😇. Next grateful as this so. Neutral when I began but very very rare moments it can weigh. Or I’m managing to get it done. Next is make it 2 million whatever, it don’t matter. I’m not Teflon but in a way numbers are hooey. Much is double whacko billing to squeezey each cent more. But I have a silly way of being overly literal. I don’t do creative accounting but as you see I’m worth 250k so far and thus double listed national average so worrying over direct care is NOT a big thing…money trades hands. I mustn’t rock the boat as I can find it annoying finding new care.

Next is so what if certain dreams don’t. Come. You read that right, don’t as in do not. I can’t say I’m not tied to certain hopes…I am. But let’s face that saying… 🎶You can’t always get what you want….but if you try sometime you might find you get what you need!🎶 Rolling stones…

Take romance as an I control….. Lead… Money power etc. Is that my best love? Only path?? No. Maybe I can not manage that offer able. It wouldn’t be the first weird reversal of some appearing roles that the other might be the bank and power. Depending on whom of course, big deal there oh breaketh my hammy heart. Sarcasm… Even I’ve heard behind any great man is a woman…I’m very sure I’m aware of what that means.

Next, so what if I make zero from here out with remaining time. No mate, no built home, no magic project, nothing, can’t find more employment…whatever…so what again! I must be a dash humble but in truth everyone knows there’s human value out there independent of “status”

I mean I can putter through the library of my internetting and such and enjoy me! I’m well enough loved even! Yay! Even if romance is oft short-lived and or elusive. Even if cash isn’t abundant. I’ve much joy.

So while I’d be pissy not getting typical hopes like common pathways and “achievement”. It may not be my needs best met hence blocks .

Yes, it’d seem world against me too but I’m not 14 anymore. Such isn’t necessarily true. I may get the prom queen but on if there’s no earthly value statuswise left and add a bill too hahaha. So what. If I’m out for love truly I needn’t be driving that to mean stepford wives hell on them and me keeping up some impossible appearances!
Maybe I could court true togetherness. Intimacy.

Maybe I could be decent rather than worried and or controlling.

Or maybe the connection is better not fouling it up in inappropriate sex for egos sake.

Don’t know. Might not even attract a forever which now would be a bummer but not necessarily in long runs…. I’veany a heartache reminder love costs.

But it’s tough achieving this hearts meaning not just b s words…. It’s truly like watching every dream I ever had is dying…I’m crying in the rain…. Heartbreaker – Dionne Warwick. (Barry Gibb b gee written)

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