The Attitude Bath

Since I cannot deter minus looking if I’m stitched from last angioplasty, I’m not keen to remove a cleanliness thing, a bandage to be disappointed I must wait to shower if stitched. I’d love that of a bath here hang no get wet over the side.

I got chinese first timr since covid shutdown. It went up 20% in price. And I’m pleased it came in fifteen minutes and warm still, I’m not huge on the pay first life and the inherent cash says your happy.

Mmm dumplings. And yay they stay down so far!

I do improve so minus any fever I’m not feeling that much a jerk for going about life.

424 angel number meaning… Seems to say may the first move toward someone you’ve oo Lala’s for. Could be a nurse or it could mean me… I got chinese atop send a carefully said mail I’m not keen on the kneejerk judgements I’ve gotten lately, from bathroom disgraces times didn’t ‘paint”. People’s on thin welcome turning up like bad pennies yet same stuff, stuff missing yet not even the courtesy of an inventory just bald accusations… Hmph…. Damn people for what they do! Not they might bed

This turns one beer into rampant alcoholism… And frankly I want my drinks now and again. But what I can live without is the guilt I chose a lil joy they may for their reasons not choose… And it’s plausible blind may miss things gross as that implies… It’s possible. But believe me, crapping on walls is not one of them! So, I’ve a thin welcome visitor who has destroyed property shown up… My complaining folk assume foul of me yet huge surprise they are broke after eons not working… And thus hmn. But a hmn howling my innocence…. Because each accusation adds and all bad things remembered… I don’t need another eviction as I’m some problem!

Believe me, letting all belief go unchallenged…I’ve gotten evicts effectively before.. others notions can count.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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