Sneaky Nutrition

Thai Kitchen organic coconut milk.
13.66 oz can
Basic generalized info

Milk Substitutes

127mg phosphorus but not quite the amount on QUICK scan

552 calorie per cup but 18% rda potassium….and a touch higher by memory phosphorus. Neither you’ll see listed. And I drank the can with my “tea” of last blog

So tea is caloric free till you mix stuff in…
13.66 oz…yeah easy math here!
+276 ( 1/2 ) 9%

10% for 1.2 oz. 13.2 versus 13.66 I’m close now
828 cal
27% potassium
God Damm it on phosphorus
83, 2.7%, bllllleeeeeeep phosphorus…

~915 calories
~30% rda potassium
Bleep on I owe myself three binders now! Phosphorus counts
2000 calories normal target here.. but
Blackberry preserves
I challenge that one cup is 50 calories for preserves and high fructose corn syrup…bullshit!
However 50 cal a tbsp is about right

Add 200
In sugars mainly.
Take away what didn’t blend and I’m not drinking 2.5 tbsp of jelly””
Or add ~100 cals

And I’ve a 1015 calories night 1/3 my potassium… Tea. Realistically 2 glasses “milk” for phosphorus which more than tips moderation if one knows

And I don’t

Phos. Never really listed anywhere.

Potassium rrrgh.. must watch it

For some it’s copper not yet me.

Basically there’s quite a lot hidden in food and these alternative things aren’t! Free in a few things like price, or savings in special diet things.

But yummy try!


Taste change

I normally lifelong disliked coconut milk… I just made a “tea” but it’s more a milkshake.


Frothed coconut milk
Blackberry jelly (and a lot of it)
Black tea.


While I Melt With My Iced Tea…

I should go do laundry…

Because to have something worth dreaming up, I’ve a finally found it recipe for “jaguar’s milk” (Leite de Onca). Well two…

10 Top Brazilian Cocktails To Try Before You Die

Given the “rough” reputation for cachaca, the first recipe sound training ng wheels nicer to not go “smoooooth!….” And wish I hadn’t


(Google translate:. leite de onça. That pronounce mark… Important!)

My experience with tamarind is somewhat limited

Tiger sauce

This beauty with mesquite grilled chicken is SUPERB! Magnifique! Yummmmm. But not quite a sauce sauce like “gravy” for a meal so I went to Asssssia!

Sinigang interests me today as the philippines version of sour tamarind soup which would a proper outcome of the sour tamarind soup base I got in 2009…..!… To make swe3t’n’sour nothing.
Here is a representative look…not my dish but it’s close

Picking out hush puppy type mixes and such I made fried puffs of bread not breaded meat tofu seafood or what have you…bread puffs to go with deeeeep fried veggies allll brightly colored and shocked to hold that (fry, ice water plunge, re-heat) and this medley of puff and veg is bathed in sweet and sour tamarind sauce -mine being the classic miropeaux, far more red pepper/capsicum “bell” pepper they’re sweet and mild… And both tamarind soda (jarritos) and a sour tamarind soup base as that moment, I couldn’t find pulparindo, a Mexican import candy treat.

As I was thinking on this reading a philippines tourist blog… Quite good, feel free to see for yourself

Puerto Galera History, Tourist Spots, Festivals

I am reminded of that mine was a bloody looking fish dish to try for my sauce but sinigang needn’t be that it can be other yummy variants.

Anyways you see if you think Chinese american creation after seeing this

Since I also wanted more of a product connection after touring via armchair the phillipines, I found tamarind as the tamarind restaurant with a big picture of “red horse beer”. I wonder about this. Most places ethnic try to offer the home country beers. Touring the world in beer is fun! I look forward twice to that one as a: it’s amber and that if it’s good ambers can be my most favorite beer! Ever or worst stories of horrors!

But, as I melt with my iced tea, such is my thinkings.

(Upcoming notion of jaguar milk as a coffee!)



Mine has those buttons all down the center of the brew basket housing. Otherwise I same brand and color and ten dollars more.

That’s how fast brands change! 3 months.

I made tea…
Kroger is an umbrella family of grocery stores city market in “hills” king soopers down around here, krogers elsewhere and three more chains besides I think. Anyways private selection or something if it isn’t stamped kroger and a bulk offer… I made kroger black tea with a 2/3 fruity tissane this time celestial seasonings red raspberry zinger as I figured coffee at sundown meant a lonnnnng night….stayed up wired anyways… Nice try dumb dumb head tea has similar caffeine.

Now at lunch it’s warmed sugared milk for that tissaned coffee the one I picked up- that starbucks anniversary blend. With celestial seasonings bing cherry berry tea (tissane) and a book

The seamstress – frances de pontes peebles

I won’t be today reprising my cookery with brazilian cuisine. Only brazilian nod I know (of) is turkey roulade blah blah Jacques pepan. He wrapped a turkey leg in first cellophane then aluminum foil getting us to see cinnamon was his brazilian nod to seasoning… No not apple sauce, turkey leg slow simmered…which would also nod to China and her many cooks bring dishes of once home abroad. Five spice powder if you think I fib.

I rember a wine and something shot called jaguar’s milk.

My stumble in brazil via pepan of france is america’s test kitchen upon spanish tapas. Best I’ve had is la bodega of kansas city missouri and argentina as fast food here in Englewood Colorado maria empanada… But the showed shrimp tapas as made in drowning it well the garlic upon garlic shrimp simply cooked ….. Well garlic powder occurs when that’s required and what you have! But I grabbed the cinnamon by mistake! And lying up a huge culinary star, I said it was brazilian.

I meant to go gold pan. But it got huge hot, mom visited, etc fail.

I can’t upload the video here so I exist on fb as shown. No hold at golden in town, no gold at Arapahoe bar further down clear creek.. no gold here at big dry creek and as this spot is 35 feet up from the confluence into south platte river…big dry creek Trail… South Platte river Trail…. And by no gold I mean no seen speck of anyone’s not mine. Told of others… But like fishing it could be lies!

These are legal to pan and free in spots with rules. Tools are 10 bucks pan and snuffer bottle. 13 folding camp shovel, 7 for one bucket to sit on and another to move earth, 3 each way for bus traveling * 6 visits 20 for cheap waders making it less messy mouldy me, 30 is lunches snacks etc and not even a 1 in 23000 specks to make one gram at 58.29 a gram Friday mornings ng hold spot not one speck but Denver the metro is founded upon gold found here at these spots. It shows every geologic pointers too… Just no good for me! Hahaha Denver or Bust!

It’s a nice lazy day. Coffee?


If you choose not to decide?-resolution-

I have need of coffee, I’ve my birthday starbucks card.

They offer a couple rwandans, papa new Guinea, pikes place and their usual suspects ,a komodo dragon one….

A few others to be sure.


Of course they’re not my favorite coffee but cash for there or go without coffee?

No kenyan…nooooooooooo-

It’s between the dragon and the Guinea….much as I love rwanda too.

They didn’t have any paupa new guinea… So I got double that in anniversary blend! Glad I’d tipped. Special last of the special aside cupboard!

It’s cedar-esque as promised.

It being fresh, brews dark and I need 1/3 less.

It took 2 hours to collect. I noticed the poster schedule is useless… They covid schedule and I waited for hourly not promised half hourly. Figuring this I walked the second bus’ there. But waited for not doing so on the way back.

Anyways…yum. even for starbucks. Thanks! Uncle.


Piss On It…again!

Someone remind me later that food to bowel products while a legit occurances biologically, really is distasteful as Segway is concerned.

Naughty me

How To Tan A Hide Using Several Methods

Other disgusting bits….


Movie Munch

Caramel APPLE popcorn

And a recipe guideline to booozy flavored snackums


(Ideas continuing)


Fabulous Nuggets


Https:// . Like that site!

I won at Yahtzee. Please feel free to think upon what a lump of knowledge this is… Nugget nugget.


Versions of the offer continue. Well timed for BBQ weekend two! (Father’s day… BBQ one… Fourth of July in America is BBQ day two! Unless your hung Jo or Wisconsin like they say they’re wisconsin.

I appreciate the deal of the deal but 4 oz steaks? Who orders that portion? That’s a fabulous nugget


Dusty dust bliss!
Many a fine hour hath transpired in this exercise…. Live in their world! (Previous me worked in activities at a nursing home/home for the aged). Obviously still ch is quite the challenge when I was manufactured and released in 1974 and the above examples are 1946 in some cases!… Neither of my parents were even here yet then!

Or it was 1991 before I can recall evvvvver having green goddess dressing which is the SECRET to sliced cucumber piss off the other church ladies with your offer Abel!…(Cain and Abel, biblical mythology).
If one seeks to, the episode is #7 the green goddess. This is a 1939 RE-dramatization of the 1921 play and later silent era film. The film had a star… He went to dinner…and voila…. Dressing. Try not to wet your pants with excitement.

Other dressing drama…
Thousand island original to New Hampshire USA is…. Russian dressing and is circa 1908….

Yes before electric starter cars! Poor steam… If the starter had waited, you might have lasted.

But! The joke my reader is that the secret sauce was Russian at the height! Of the cold war! Hahaha how American is that?