Bound to be BORING

I’m jonesing for my monday freedom lunch.

I’m stuck in a car and across town from anywhere I know well… After “surgery” 3rd in a year coming if you count so my access clots after treatment not in the current hour but about five minutes like it should.

I have to repair my glasses by getting a new frame as both! Ear pieces broke off.

These things eliminate via time Santiago’s for a soft chili rellenos plate of a smothered sopapillas with a salad atop.
No park with bench garunteeable means no great big sloppy feast and seat to enjoy.
The deli offers breaded wings but not really hotwing in a sauce…as is time. But they may have a table… So it could be a bag of tacos! And I am close to crown burger the best by vote in the burgers seen… Or gyro sammich possibly fatoush and or baklava

Vote your my lunch pick
Jalepenos bites French dip and choc shake considering but not all together!

Crown burger
Either a mushroom swiss burger never a big go-to order of mine but different
And if this a vanilla or banana shake as chocolate or strawberry with mushrooms? Oh heavens no.

Likely a
Schwarma, baklavah though the filo custard cake sounds delightful, and possibly a cucumber/mint yogurt salad….

Or a sack of soft tacos as it’s closest to eye glasses place and I’m Hungry sore tired 😉

And sick of chasing bankrupt for a lunch.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Bound to be BORING”

Ooo! I just don’t love the history of the close place. But it’s close to new Jerusalem market selling grocery run hummus seasoned with ranch seasoned NGS very yum and even gimpy can warm flatbread, I ask email your way. Hug. And schwarma thoughts 🙂 even if you’ve too many cats heheheh still like be seeing last crop

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