For your arts.

The song is “devil in a blue dress” but western / Occidental (yes, fannncy word…but What’s the ORIENT without the OCCIDENT?) Notions color symbolism? Yeah. Red is blood and in oriental lands it’s LUCK. But catch a western wedding in red? Unheard of!
(Really just after proof abalone was a popular high class dish…I didn’t know it was a snail and American snub French, snails! Hey you want some escargot?

I listed a master class in Margaritaville courtesy of Rick Bayless – though it’s his kiddo who does the schpeel. (Point or peeve) so,

Even if I’m awaiting setting up margaritas night…. Fruity fun.
But, I’m aware of watching certain intake, like I’m a ketchup fool! But ketchup elevates potassium -key thing living is not to blow the balance of sodium and potassium or ‘electrolytes’ or you may go caput… But what’s the booger with almond meal a great low carb flour? Copper. Copper ain’t so great to intake on lower liver function/, transplant. If ever I’m caught thinking on chats I’ve had with others… O_o

New moon energies had me curious if I might get a hopeful astrological offer. Mine said pay your debts. Then look back over your love and is it possible your mad it didn’t go your way? (It referenced appropriate right after another read on a catchphrase “losers make excuses, real men make money”. Thenmn! I read on lost things appearing? Fuck astrology! And it’s for a roll in doughnut πŸ˜›

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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