I do silly trivia now and again. My latest is trying to develop a Springfield Illinois trivia list. I started in December beginning of year. I very quickly soured as the town, frankly is just stubborn being any kind of nice to each other. Well I found a bit more wind. Why? Because each battle. Each war of wars forward Were fought and progress! By God (or your chosen explainations) and nevermind the nays came.!.

I’m dead smack in 1880-1930 mostly early. Seeing the shape of company exploys children at half men’s pay roughly $2.70 week kids but further flouts the laws for school by sending a company man in as school superintendent who just oopses truancy enforcement. Each of many inspections blocked or obstructed. As I said it’s plain ugly! Each step of forward… But what brightens this isn’t the struggle it’s that respect is earned if not fought for… No one escapes. Cheaters users etc exist and seek only their benefits…true but each step upwards is bravely enjoined. It inspired a dash finally the beauty of hard won achievements that no! In today’s times, you can’t as an underaged employee do dangerous things! It might be dumb that you can’t pick up a chef’s knife at work til 18! It might be! But children one for half pay were burnt picking up hot glass milk bottles for no future no school no nothing just to eat. Nowadays missing ones adorn the cartons…. It took that annnnd another 46 years to institute minimum wage to lessen the cheating and abuses of labor by. Streamlining pay enough to boost most chances at fairness. Imagine your whole life working from half pay at 8 through your life til the basic laws enforced to eliminate a blacker yesterday? 1867-1937 before you could fully strike for your rights as a Pullman car attendant? More than your working life that! Or all you’re known for is president Lincoln’s boy yet you’ve a life in you’re own right…times in the settling of the west were evil to native Americans yes, but plain evil to most! Much over a number of generations moved us painful bloody steps fought each millimeter forward. Now so you see some of the hash I read.

It’s just as hard for me to get a quick number to trivial bit. I need 2-3 bits per numbers 1-75 (bingo) or in the course of calling one game of bingo, my list would be hours on hours work shot up used up. So I percervere.

01 11 26
Robert todd lincoln moments,
Pullman car president, chairman

1853, borden milk


Tx,ny borden become borden 1919
1874 borden passes
36 Elsie the borden mascot later elmer her “child” our elmer’s glue cow
1873 borden milk then newyork condensed milk expands operation to elgin

1851? Building later a borden plant…
Elgin watches springfield competed
Bonny& clyde
Illinois watch company –1869-1885? Era
.1870 illinois watch company

Example for auction….

1904 cartier wristwatch…
Ww1 elgin watches

More on property 9-11 grand/converse, original building minus clock tower demolished for newer sagamon electric (offshoot of we watch company 1899) later Illinois EPA usage 1932

1914 only high end
Prior explorers roaLd amundssen to one to the Arctic

Illinois Watch Co.

Around 9-11 converse and grand is caritois bingo hall

Haymarket 5/4 1886 riot…bomb thrown capital murder upheld in 1895 delaying child labor hearing vigorously apposed and Illinois glass works avoiding documenting labor paying 2.70 a week roughly 5 cents an hour or half a man’s wage. But 14 an up was being enforced despite company cronieism of the company supplied the school superintendent who didn’t enforce truancy…big surprise. child labor

( Milk days… 1955)

(Again, not everything is “Springfield” but similar only. So as when it reals back in, it very much is…politically enough or managed through state capital….. Springfield)

Alton is in modern travel an hour ish by train smack border of missouri and we’ll enough from St Louis to be cheap. Now think though, street tram to st Louis bottles… Anheuser Busch king of beers Budweiser… Bottles cans later…business! Chicago NOW with Pabst I mean again tram or light train to Chicago? Money. 1957, 1959 listing huge huge demand but cheap on beer glass…. Easy Transpo… Springfield did well to cultivate trains 1837 onward! McKinley tram… 500 miles consolidate… 500 dollar bill little associations are everywhere just crap! Not easy b 1 such and such happened…blah

I get 10 seconds schpeels in trivia…. That’s two sentences! 26 words. Or it’s far too tedious a supposed to be fast/fun thing!!!

But forward it goes….. Earthen mounds of info to distill! Into snippits.

Color nicely the steps made in humanities not dwell on the ugly….. Candy coating sure, but this is a rah rah my town type project and a journey as I spent ten minutes getting a breadless protein pack there 4 years ago on my way to Georgia…I don’t and never have lived here. Alll internet library begun and development.

1947. Partially milk casino) derived

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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(Icebox refrigeration -refridgeration to urn of century but refrigerator 1927 ish. Or was that the freezer…anyways. Some electrification…)
Bunn coffee machines, a halmark of something you’ll see USA foodservice to this day..1957 but 1932 the Illinois watch company selling on death of Jacob Bunn hmn name familiar?? Kid makes good his own destiny. I was investigating ties to zein coating a corn protein “sclack” for cereal staying crunchy in milk to no avail.

Just a couple quick tie-ins to my pile of 10000 words and 60 hours at this
Alton is Illinois glass works as I’m also after the collectable glass in this case milk bottles…I found the brand of the area…very much Borden.

Watches, cinema empire, ties to streetcars, major railroad (Wabash cannonball)… The check chicago sound of a circuit of venues but NOT blues? Haha no info blues on music stuff milk bottles, agri-business

Curious Busch…st Louis…close! Trust me, did a copper ale but the term copperhead is to denote southern sympathy… I’m not so sure I like that association of backwards social standing but I liked the actual beer…

Swimming still again to list. But I have ways of pushing more from my editorial stance, that many milestones of generations fighting were in place and thus I can in good conscience Springfield as it fought bloody and hard towards the best of America…

Glass collectables still dying but,
To be big boys on the area pole beer though Springfield had r something… gold. And thus industry after industry tied and or moving others too but not surviving the bust years well. 1871 Chicago fire, panic of 1873, Pabst became the juggernaut and Illinois watch nearly folds…to illustrate to me.

Yet industry after industry with a rail link becomes like Hormel in Minneapolis…nearly every chilidog is of it foodservice wise and quite nearly Springfield’s as too the maidrite…yet imagine how magazine to radio then the recipes came and

Can’t yet find the originating lemon pie that becomes key lime pie.

Yes you guess! It took curiosity at canned milk to revitalize c bingo info’s as Elgin of Borden showed a watch of Springfield….

The Arctic not Antarctic South Pole expedition discovering the northwest passage by amundsenn is my quest to see a listing taking along Illinois watch company material.

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