You thought you knew!

Fiddler On The Roof has a song called TRADITION! It helps on keep our balance… Knowing where stuff is from for etc…

Key LIME Pie. The quintessential Florida pie….
Borden kitchens 1931…despite a dessssperate attempt that it was really first made in Florida in the 1890’s. Borden invented the PROCESS likely in texas…of condensing milk and canning it allowing it to keep far longer…. In 1853 and between connecticut, new york and Illinois moved many a can of this.

That’s like me making Italian sausage straiiiight from hallowed salt lake city utah.

Never got to the keys so how the hell would I be any expert on key lime pie?

Anyways 4k reader reviewers to this the best! In key lime pie

Other noted bibliographics

Depression pie again. Moving goods… I mean no dessert? World would end! How clever to make a can’t be had any other way but with a purchased product?

(Tell me,
Would this conjure key lime pie to you?

Far more in keeping with the truth of spirit than

As my salt lake city cooks up as Italian… I’ve

My fourth coming damn purchase of this book is toothy. It’s gone from a dollar to 17+!

I must also vinegar pie. It’s unconscionable I can make fruit vinegar bliss yet never the pie? I am not all that huge on blueberry vinagrette salads…honestly. tray after tray into the pot with white distilled vinegar… Warm slightly smoish etc til vinegar becomes if not vinegar okay that ain’t happening but it seriously will smell more like a pie!

Runeburge tortes
Back when you’d have punsch! Laying around…. Hahaha
Hahaha it ain’t even at my big threes stores! Arrack.

September special order now along with egussi
Brother has found a Nigerian entrepreneur so that may occur unless I get bogus feelings…..I don’t need the Nigerian check scam again!

But I can cheep taco and get the grill burner of the rig the pan costs double so September.

Stimulus 2 begins so I hope it’s decided swift but likely next week for September and shit! If it comes I get glasses again not a deck of booze…crap.

Anyways you thought you knew mythic to you reader this fun lass I remember. It’s texas not Florida! Just as munch my mormon made Italian sausage dr an ng of Finnish desserts german desserts one relying a n an Indian spirit the other a depression era thriller not german…


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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