Point Or Peeve.

Rick bayless upon guac /margs… Raises a point of “you shouldn’t use a recipe… Think about the ingredients as they go in.”. This brings to light a utter PEEVE wherein amateur hour “chefs” say I don’t use recipes…I know what I’m doing. And here is an example of a chef taking time to respect others with approaching things studiously….

I can’t quickfind burt wolf and his in my times Notebook! Damn it. Anyways even here careful touring to mention recipes is shown…a icon of time being toured showing deference to the boss appearing even after a lifetime not to be dead bored with igredients cook serve etc.


Hard as I try to improve…even releasing how to even cook as my world of skills altered to see legal blindnessaking hand/eye coordination a dream to now hand limited to mostly one as I lost a lot of dexterity and remain limited by weights too!! On my dialysis access arm. I literally am bedeviled to cut a steak. More than a jug milk…nope. point being, if I can’t recreate damn it! Trust me, make a couple thousand muffins and maybe you’ll understand basic muffin base weights and measures. Maybe. And thus it might not shock you I know for a simple batch how to get close to 5-6 oz flour leavener sugars, fat and not fail to turn out a batch and yet I technically didnteasure. Yet if you want a business. Sloppy free-handing only pisses away the limited margin of profit…some pro chef you are pissing away your livlihood! I don’t use recipes…I’m a chef! That’s not garnering any respect of your art from me. It’s only watching how obstacles begin for you after your dreams.

Now the point of this is margaritas… So back to the master class!

Sweet as two components… Agave syrup/honey. For component one…orange liqueur part two.

Here is a video tasting notions on that. Cure ee sow. Not chump ish curr the cow…or k.oh. no need! ;). Snob snob.

May you too have tucked yourself in bed with a little screen for a showing of “casablanca” all prepared with a glug of Cointreau! Lazlo and ilsa enter the bar and order two cointreaus ….ahhhhh. Glug glug. What is triple sec. Etc

If you follow me, expertise isn’t demonstrated despite knowledge. Just as I’ve surely drank through a medium sized liquor stores worth of the best and worst in hangovers… I may have knowledge but do I possess expertise? How big ARE my boots? Hahaha.

Yes I can cook but trying to do it Rembrandt well is a trick and school and practice. Keeping up not with right…but what delights too.

I mean duh,
I like me and Mrs t’s mix for margs
I got salt for the rim
I know your time that glad by souring it with a little mix and dip it in salt

A Cadillac quality ingredients margarita
Jose gold
Gran gala orange
Mr an mrs it’s mix
For frozens, blend serve in salt rimmed glass with perhaps a lil garnish of lime so the sour pisses you know can lime it further.

Duh,. I could over booze and get yuck. But more than likely within basic range of recipes I’m getting a fairly good drink.

Why I’m watching classes isn’t for a basic recipe. I’m watching for why the ranges. What ingredients why this garnish… At a place doing well to sell marked up drinks well.

Class up the boozefest.

Not sorry, but, not him, ” but there’s booze in the blender, and soon it will render – that frozen cocktail that helps me hang on….”. Jimmy buffet – Margaritaville.

Now lainee is lousy to me at smooth delivery public speaking and hard to listen to. (First vid). But demonstrates expertise… versus just knowledge. And grating as my master class in Margaritaville is going, it’s nice to feel I gain by watching so as to infused that love of what we do with a base of notions how it can be done WELL. Snob snob. Trust me I’m not kidding, it’s usually snobbery only that elevates but also too is a method.

Fresh lime juice, best well duh but problematic in when non booze hounds consume niceties. It’s 6 weeks since that box arrived if fresh limes were there they’d be black fuzz now! I chose a mix. 2 component sweets. Liqueur has its sweets in but maybe you alter that with agave syrup…..

Shaken, not stirred even 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “Point Or Peeve.”

Ever notice this Josh is list-happy. Far more secure in authority and or process that actually isn’t the entire answer? I clammer for notoriety within “know-it-all?”. I don’t want the short shrift of you’re a bowery bum.? K, true but the humility enters when you eat one fork borrow knife and pot dollar store portioned ingredients and he makes Chinese style broccoli chicken that beats any decent chinese restaurant haunt ? It’s not money alone, it’s trying. Trying and succeeding. An eye to bottom lines as if I have a boss or must be it. About to recreate magic.

Note my last gig in cookery oh so fired! As I was oh so incapable.!. Pizza hut Xmas ax 2016 georgia. Didn’t even make a thing! But it seven Pepperoni’s per pizzahut pan pepperoni pizza 😉

What I’m after is that feeling you can get a trustable offer a repeatable one too as then it’s a review it’s salability chances.

Oh no doubt invite me to adventure in your kitchen and you’ll eat. It takes me to long to write up what I know of in foods booze etc. But I can’t short order cook. I’m not very good at the dynamic range of a steak to YOUR order. Doesn’t mean in a minuscule range of med rare not med rare and burnt just right…hint. I can’t cook steaks oh nooooo. Have you tried yours with fennel seed? Mmmmmmmmm. And I. Not trying to downplay what I can do either, but convey what I can do and generate my fair earned excitements toward it

Kinda like Love. Not trying to be who I’m not…but want a bit of success in what and who I am.hoping I got goods enough to charm my forever together. Repeatedly. And even withstand the I hate you entirely moments but I’m, skip the offered cyanide… No no no my sweet not thirsty. So truth can be. It’s not always roses duh.

I’m not evvvvveeeen against Jimmy buffet, truly. As you’ll und stand we often denegrate what high skill we have so as to not appear snobby. Letting what we do …perfecto…of course… Shine as if we are even better! The point is seriousness. Don’t chump it. I list a bunch. You don’t have to.!.

I work on relearning what I can do but also to eye candy better. I’ll never be fast or employable even now! But I can still eat!

Or as to this blog. Make a passable decent premium cocktail. Direct others to the same. Share. Joy. And duh as broke as a skunk as I am get a nicety too ;). Makes fishy face.

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