Powerful Musings Continue

Ground beef, water, oat product isolate, autolyzed yeast product, spices, caramel color, cocoa powder, salt…. You’re going on my memory of looking up taco bell beef filling ingredients.

Isolated oat product if utilized in wording like so isn’t a give away that it can contain gluten…as in you couldn’t claim gluten free, but you wouldn’t have to say contains gluten… Sneaky what stretching we do yet stretching is very natural. Isolated oat product is ground oat hull or oat bran (best I can determine)

Yes to get a clue what things look like, muffin action! When the mix bowl is there, the bran is top right corner. It’s brown but not as brown as g.b. so they’re going to add bran. Why! 100% g.b.!!!! It’s in a pan with water underneath (steam table) for the oft changing required lasting time of hours at 140F or it’s tossed which means water in this pan must exist or you get 100% sawdust.

So to get the saucy thick filling thickener, they go with hidable oatbran flavors.

Why both, caramel color annnnnd cocoa (yes, chocolate) powder.

As you may not know, I adore pumpernickel bread. To be that dark utilizes three things, caramel color, coffee, and cocoa powders. In combination s. So I’m aware of how dark we can get.
What we go after is homespun eat outs so I can love living but eat fast yummy. Think on a few tubs lidded with prep and voila I have fast taco fast burrito supremes…mmmmm..

But mine must ender reheat as I’m not a restaurant so tub into the hateful microwave and such. And yeah I bought the packet taco bell seasonings to disappointed. Not it.

So while I consider the list of
Freshly ground spices on a discount! I know why the oat hull is there. I know why the caramel cold r is there. The Cocoa, even the msg type utilization of autolyzed yeast product…. Which is umami of extra meaty…doritos to sushi have it too. Yes I yacked my brains out once because I took accupril but loved meat snacks like beef jerky then gaurunteed to come with msg which has changed 20 years later… Yes accupril directly gets ugly and says so with msg. But outside of rare occurances or drugs like accupril or certain m a o I’d for asta or rheumatoid arthritis… Typically…most us can use msg.

The big words like autolyzed yeast product hide what it’s for. People come to mistrust additives….as poison….they’re not. Always anyways.

And things taste the way they do very specifically.

Anyways. It’s a chuckle to think my savory ground beef is dyed and thickened hahaha…what reallllllly occured!

But, spoon, lather, spoon finger pinch finger pinch glop fold fold roll is approximately a tortilla beans, beef lettuce, tomato, sour cream into a delight. And tacos too plop pinch pinch for those and while I can’t make them in seven seconds as my hands are slow! I can eat in five minutes yumminess

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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