Dye-ing To Overspend.

I’m still amused at the level of looks we go to for fast bites.

Almond off me mused the point of ingredients. And oatbran for to thicken is dyed for the hide and we get it with other colors too.

T.b. g.b.

Regular 100% g.b.

Please note the dried out boringness of photo two.

Food like gals in makeup…. We want it dyed.

I truly get a kick out of the usage indicated it’s closer to beloved pumpernickel minis coffee…which I’m tempted
Caramel color is gettable. Oo I can make 7up GOLD!!!! Or cheat my rum into “daaaaark rum”

I mean
I know I can now be close.
Oat hull/bran (oat product isolate)
$3/s-h (4)

Msg as why bother with autolyzed yeast product when it’s not cheaper for ME
Wei-Chuan M.S.G 16oz (454g)
$3 (4 more)

Caramel color
$4 (4 more)

Cocoa powder
$3 with card (5% off)


Garlic salt
Dried onion flake (reconstitute those for hamburgers! Just like white castle to MacDonald’s… Guys according to a slider throw-down love the onions and less garlic and gals garlic it up!!!)
Chili powder
Cayenne powder
5.80-6.60 each so add 1 to 6*6 $37

And before the $15 in bulk burger mince I’ve $34 specialties, $37 typical ancillary, 15 and 15 for meat and produce, tortillas and all of a sudden a taco bell at home is $100+. Sure it sees uses elsewhere. But

That’s the brakes for knowing it’s not close enough those packet seasonings. It’s not the bell!

I can manage it but I’m not now. I want visitors and a bbq set up.

So I guess it’s simplers and some dried onion for hamburgers better.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Dye-ing To Overspend.”

15 is 3 lbs or 1360g burger mince or 8/lb tacos…24. You won’t use all the msg oatbran or caramel color or cocoa powder so think 1/4 of this or $9. The spices are a gamble as you likely will use up those … 37. 15-20 in produce/garnish cheese sour cream and the makings red sauce for burrito etc…. So save 26 from 102, 76/24 tacos and I’m still itching 3.1 a taco they sell for 1.2 careful as them additives are cha-ching!!!!!

15/3lbs. Or most neat minus very careful sales action…you know that person! They silently amaze. Or about no matter what it’s 2 oz a taco for meat filling. Or $5/8 or 62 cents a taco there. The seasoning is ungodly to get started so I must thuroughly size the line of how much for how much or it’s overspending time. Currently it’s just the same on spicing pretty much so 58 cents there and a quarter again on produce/garnish so 30 or a buck fifty 1.50. Which is not bad but zero savings and a huge house mess for making it up.

I’m not in the clear if it bulk up or sales grab $3.50 g.b. I must bulk buy every single item twice leveled to knock enough pennies to get this at 95c versus 1.50c. It’s just not worth doing at home unless I save!

I know my math is deplorable. Nothing neat to weight/cost everything listed neat for an independent double check… shameful

But variables exist everywhere I just needed purchase in costs identified. Budget… Hahaha. But it’s clear i save zilch unless g.b. is seriously not n sale – then- I have to buy in 12 lbs for 96 or 3 a day tacos at 150$ in or more not redoing shop list to creep down cost into closer to less than t.b.

Believe me I want know what my entire month in food is just a snack. I may eat light but I sure do eat more than three tacos a day.!.

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