Gold Days

Contrary to some Yammer about gold prospecting, this is the old timer blog not nuggets. Chicago before becoming entirely the Chicago band of today had a tune, old days hold days…if you curiously follow my random association.

Rocky Jones – Space Ranger. 1952-1954 marketing blitz, 1953… March of dimes was 1954 onward… Yes our modern era of tv and vaccines. Odd I’d associate times as such but you know… Our modern times. Furiously winky…quite a naughty boy in real life as he posts bail on an armed hotel robbery, skips down to Mexico and does jail for bum checks thus is written from the show. Winky was an our gang player…

Our gang 1935 on the off chance enough time has gone by none of this is remembered

Now in culture is protests over a cop murdering in custody a man of color. But an itch before Hollywood was Colorado in early film, the keystone cops… Bumblers the law! Anyways light your headlamps and wish the hand better candy! And unless you enjoy infernal tinkley pianie music, turn the sound down, it’s a silent film – however filming locations vary and info is scarce… Charlie Chaplin pre tramp, is a keystone cop.


Secret Rabbitholes

When we go trotting down our I Arden paths …. Rabbitholes! I was curious is you could say with a gas chromatograph, deduce the ” secret blend” of 11 herbs and spices, KFC c seasoning on the ” original recipe” recipe chicken.

The ruken comment… Thujon content…. Indicating sage – but dried herb or sage oil?

That illustrated a red-hots candies video which asks where the old timer candy maker gets his candy flavor oil

When I was looking not for cinnamon fire jolly damn rancher candies but… Which piss me off! They SAY they sell it yet be warned in our new era this is a week delay shipping it…hmph.

Which my one historic pal raved on of his life in Nebraska… Colorado being infinitely superior….til you talk to the dedicated Wyoming lot which will kindly pitchfork/torch welcome you out of their town if you get too Colorado crazy that in fact be they believe in Wyoming…. I am intrigued

Just as I am to see thujon. I haven’t prior to absinthe….y fav. Being illegal to contain thujon in absinthe yet the sell sage all day every grocery?
(Reviewed 3/12/09 even. Funny two years to the day I began the volunteer phase of two years to get a job after them years…)