I can’t remember exactly what the cartoon said. Transform-it-thus…

That is see it in cellobox stores fancier deli items section sushi ala “spicy tuna” (not traditional sushi although since when is what popularizes things ever proper?)

The point isn’t just yummy… It’s that gee, I’ve made it even with the early ruined dexterity of no longer having same use of left arm with dialysis begun… It’s often tuna fish (bless ya if you can afford the sashimi grade tuna straight from flown in “fresh” daily! Tsukiji! I mean it, bless ya.!. But I’m gonna talk ordinary and available a bit of another sushi anyways sin.

Tuna example

Mayonnaise example plus aside,

The aside is how very Spanish mayonnaise actually is. Mahon a lemonny nutty cheese also is upon Minorca just off the southeast coast of Spain. This is Duke’s mayonnaise is close in taste to Hellman’s which on the USA west is BEST Foods. And a highlight of the American “south”

Tuna and mayo…but that’s tuna salad!….shhh, I know…hold on, lemme finish!

Hot sauce… Almost any can do.
Available via Amazon. Com thus maybe not shipping to your locale but I’m trying – Louisiana

Soya sauce example
Silver swan! (Phillipines! Soy sauce)
You may gladly use any soy sauce you’ve got! But if you need a treat, silver swan!

(Toasted seaweed)

Sushi rice
I’ve seen brown rice without the Glaze to black rice even.. pick your favorite or instruction and what you can get!… Or in my heydays, I’ve made sushi with thoroughly inappropriate but I’m a minor diety in my own mind… Minute rice with lemonade glaze as my one person actually hated vinegar as he was Mr unhelpful… And yet I generally use Jasmine rice…. Yes I laugh at whether birds would avoid me, the bad trip! (Methyl anthranilate is also both the Jasmine/purple grapes scent taste essence but bird repellant for golf courses in some USA areas… My seven eleven convenience store needed some nuisance seagulls gone from it’s Denver Colorado location…yep, Birdy LSD as it’s humane…methyl anthranilate.

White and black sesame seeds

This is inside out sushi…most of us are accustomed to nori wrapping sushi on outside.. thus this is actually pretty. You won’t die if you can’t afford black sesame seeds or in fact any sesame seeds. But it truly adds a pretty taste and look. Thus how you put sushi rice on nori adds a Saran wrap them flip over a add filling in this case spicy tuna salad and roll!

But the point is simple
A can of tuna can be tuna salad sandwich too. Pictured below

Sushi version is gluten free! If a bit of a bitch compared to a tuna sandwich…remember…one handed. :P. If gimpy me still can and Yan can can you!

Title refers to a bugs life, Vinny ‘s getting good… The sham show before ….the grasshoppers.


Rum-less With A Half Liter

I can’t help wondering how soon the go to the river becomes “…van down by the river”

A couple of you are award winners…you wear me out…but congratulations again.. and again…while I manufacture up some more enthusiasm. 🙂

It’s the …clicks about phone to find out 😉 …. The fifteenth! Of June… Less than a week before summer! I’m tempted heavily to chili dogs. And question the universe whether I should go get a bag of ice and a fountain drink…refer to title… And realize I might but what’s the rush?

As I had suspected, 2nd round covid related economic impact payments are likely enough, but delayed in talks til this vacation that eventuality etc… Or not July not even likely August open either but September…which … O m g ! Shocker! Would occur before! The labor day holiday? Again, if it happens…trust you me believe it with check in hand CASHED.

So far, if you laugh with me, I remember all too well a fortune wherein I’d be INVOLVED in a threesome…and the galpal married eventually indeed dumpede for my friend we never quite rekindled and yet always after the good stuff with another called me til he was replaced by her threesome and my involvement was to busy the news he was toast-cookies… He checked a couple of dates to prove she cheated him was all he asked… Yay exciting fortune RIPOFF.

The tea has limeade mix half.

I’m breaking from glazed white brick house dreaming to tippity-type this.

I slept WaY in today. Yay.

The flies refuse to kindly touch the flypaper hung for them. Such is the half amusing thoughts…very unbudhist to wish flies any stick hold-ups. But, so I’m not very religious this moment.

Since it’s tea awhile, I may just hope the bacon is good and make tuna add bacon. Kinda doubt it. Tuna salad is jussssst fine.

No where to be… Got lucky in the latest from another amnesia lane returned… A. New tune, Deborah Holland, “fine- thank you.”. I remember vividly the animal logic era her with Stanley Clarke and Stewart Copeland – Sunset Gun…on a nice cd player with mega this or that too top of that time audiophile on a minimal budget constraints…as I won against my friend at chess…once… He shouldn’t have lost but I lost track of the song trying to create a little smoke signal of hope in strategy…. He did not and violently hates the song :). Hee hee. Here’s summer light

It’s weird my very first social media post was a gal bitching she’s so sick of the interest paid…no I do not want to chat with a random fellow and say where I live! Hahahaha. I had to double check my spelling as it’s an entendre…. #wearsmyweddingring. The older reader will understand why that’s funny… Some spell wear and where differently. Some want a relit fiery romance but are too tired to have an affair…or nix it when it is. to lead somewheres. Hee hee

I’m thus not very ethical at present either! Two lightning bolts from the gods!

And the relaxation as my glass of too much water to freeze fast freezes. Thus my trip I guess required for a fountain drink is required. So in the shade smoking cigarettes I’ll be sipping rum.

But now a major round of wanh… procrastination. Iced tea?


Amnesia Lane Over Cheap Lattes

Cherry latte

Columbus GA touring:
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Murphy’s “mansion” Dallas, Chattanooga TN via Nashville (no time for hatty B’s shut the cluck up hot fried chicken- dang it) HOTlanta for the fright of my life exiting Greyhound to get ten blocks from all the human flies buzzing around for a crumb… But Mary mac’s tea room mmm.

Other excursions
From Columbus, GA

Panama City FL
Moving to Tampa FL

From Tampa / St Petersburg
Columbus for new nephew/mom visiting wasn’t well….RUSH!

Philadelphia PA
Via Greyhound through south Carolina
Funny I had an hour lost misguessing my stations of transit so not only missed out setting foot in Delaware.. expensive boo boo! But also was far too tired to reorient and try for the signature mentions Philadelphia cheese steak Sandwiches…expensive boo boo! I didn’t like whoever’s sandwiches or pizza Philly cheese. Flew to Denver onward…the bus sucked but setting foot in south Carolina early am icky for a candy sack? Ahhh memories.

To have finally made Nola though as I’d wanted to go in 2005 then some jerk of momma nature had a blow around the town.

Previously Denver direct as I had to replace my eyeglasses and had to travel without them for a tidy $2300 bill trying to establish a life in FL yet no paycheck came and thus the same needed to be someone else and else’s…ahhh the celebration of life wallet wide empty.

Thus excepting Delaware, I achieved my list of travel needed out of GA living with the utter bright spot of Lane’s orchards for peach fritters.

I achieved Nigerian food like my aced paper in college ten years after the fact…woooey is Dallas hot in August!

And believe me, visiting town libraries while not all that! Exciting…actually is. I’ve really mostly library images left. Hahaha

And wow the room coffee was riwandan! K-cup to be sure oh how impressed! Hahaha but mmm

Coffee taco bell and libraries!


Geologic Geological Pursuits

I bought two five gallon buckets so I could have a seat panning that “gold”
I consider the shovel I can save six on risking the cheaper one elsewhere fits in the bucket and isn’t so weighted so as to fall out easily. And go figure the very heart of the trip reason was an empty shelf not even a single gold pan. My other is in couch surfer’s truck… I’m not chasing a bill down.

If I’m to believe it, my astrological luck says 6/21 I am a money magnet find those nuggets!!. Heh.

It’s 13 standard cheap spade-fulls per 5 gallon bucket
Each 5 gallon bucket is 0.66 cubic feet of volume.
There is twenty-seven cubic feet per cubic yard.
Thus 39 5-gallon buckets is a cubic yard.
Sprinkle a 2-4 gram sugar packet atop a cubic yard of “ore” awaiting processing…this is about all the gold you’ll find within that yard

A Cubic yard is roughly 507 shovel-fulls.
A cubic yard at 27 cubic feet is roughly 2500 pounds of quartz type or this general areas gold ore in rocks type weight.

Each shovelful is 8 pounds plus whatever the shovel weighs or you can easily count on moving 2.5 tons weight in your 507 shovel-fuls. Lest you doubt maths


By the time I find any gold I’m into the hope for 23.99 minus 5% plus 8.6%tax, 4.49+3.99+8.6%tax many lunches and many bus fares plus 7.46buckets, 29.xx rebuying and adding tools or roughly one hundred USD before flake one of GOLD is found.

There are 20,000 sub 100 mesh sized flakes in one gram of gold.. which is 1680 ish spot price and 31.3 grams for that Troy oz…. Or at 20sparkles a day according to Arapahoe bar park stated finds is 1000 days of four buckets a day work. To make 50 bucks…yes there’s gold here buck be warned how much hard workers with 800 dollar sets chase?

Obviously I hope for better luck and not howdy I can’t wait to crow as a big huge know it all finding actual success.


Really Authentic

This is of but broken likely in sequence how a tea goes in coffee. The break is the coffee amount picture apparently demands to be a state secret. One heaping teaspoon then eleven more apostolic friends… Makes a Starbucks strong four cups which is really two 11 oz coffee mugs (smaller mugs). This notion gets old very fast as it’s not a tastey new coffee nor a fancy creamer but a cheap notion in weirdness. Ever so authentic. Yet I three to four bags tea which make the cup apiece tea additionally coffees. That’s how strong. That’s how much. And I hid the bottle of rum and sugar plus milk. You are wise if you know the peach version gone empty damn it called for me to ruin my coffee, seriously, tissanes don’t allow you to booze your brews… Chicory just blick! Won’t blend with rum. Yet fruity coffee! Mmmm

Same thing with Coke zero. I had a great drinks thing going now the stuff mixes like cyanide and wine. Oh well, there’s coffee.

Note, I’m truly legally blind. I needed so I thought a new coffeemaker. I couldn’t make strong coffee? Turns out after the new machine made it just as crappy it was me who couldn’t make coffee. Shhh. Stow it. So I vinegared the old machine and gave it to brother. – the point here is note the on/brew? Button is the one on the bottom or even stumbling blind a.m. I don’t have tooo many ways to fail making morning go juice. Consider this if you fear vision failing that life is still very possible…duh, there’s coffee 😉



Gimme a moment and I’ll be Full…;)


Chock full o’ nuts is with Kroger store brand coffee tubs on sale nearly perpetually at $6.49 a tub with the added bonus it’s still in a metal can!!!  (Grease can with lid)


Combining this with a tissane on top gives me flavorful brew.  Today’s is wild berry zinger…last one was blueberry…the best is cherry.



Also, I got the digital coupons for burger King. Save me a buck here and there with free drinks/fries.

Bk is about my favorite purveyor of hamburgers. The best of the moment is crown burger, just a tick more expensive… I admit I’m no longer in the “Springs” as in city of Colorado springs but I also worked steamboat springs and there’s Idaho springs in the foothills just outside Denver which has mud baths like the fancy cruise ships and is close to St Mary’s glacier which means silly type skiing in SUMMER yes snow fights after a fully ambulatory sorry 1/4 mile hike parking for three or it’s a four wheel drive trail… I mean 4×4 not all wheel drive… But they had Culver’s in the springs and I remember failing to find Johnny g’s deliciousso Mexican food truck on a silly chase the town with one I was quite sweet on! And we ended on Culver’s . I had it in St Petersburg but last thing I got was fish… Anyways mmmm what’s your favs in fast food? Taco Bell, crown burgers, burger King, late for my bus! Eek

I have to collect meds called in yesterday. So while that’s a budget-bomber, it is a bad idea to run out of powders.



I needed a new notepad app so I can type notey things. I got it. It works! I filed every damned test procedure allergy and financial and behavioral reality…. Gee, can I have a b.p. script now please?

But gee, I file this with a nurse i wouldn’t mind for coffee at least that otherwise ILL (she might have noticed!) That atop that bankrupt through anytime soon… Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible to proceed fruiting here… But, if by any example set I’ve experienced this life has taught me me consistently, trusting anything romantic when they’ve the whole truth is a recipe for lay here upon the fizzing grenade just a little while…count to thirteen….slow.


And we’ll see if I get my list of scripts. Or if very useful and precisely listing documents are just scan n toss. B.s. for my needs gets details kept religiously for court if needed otherwise.

Today my horoscope said I’d be seductive …. Pardon me if b.o.c.’s don’t fear the reaper…is the tune. Hmph.

The beer and corn dog are good. Blueberry coffee breakfast. Mmmmmm. Took meds on a day off more troublesome to remember so better off than usual… And seductive I am if you want rum as I’m about just in that mood…and it’s nearly noon!

(It’s probably better spelled, r e p e r c u s s I v e… In any case alcoholic hopes don’t fuel proper spelling. Or hopeful feelings…which was meant in a simple word to be conveyed.)


Little Things

My little nephew shares that acronym of the title given. L.t. little things. Right now it’s about another of his acquaintance and that was shared. A lil California upbringing including snorkel fish/fresh seafood. Abalone.

What American first learning weird wider experience exists like french might gather a few handful of little black snails and serve it in butter sauce…es cargo. Ewwwwwwwwww! Is the response…or maybe frog legs ala Louisiana…. borscht of Ukraine…oh my Indian throw a spice cabinet at it…and I’d be highly reluctant even after having soy sauce and sauerkraut or things fermented to hear fish sauce is fish gut that leak out in salt and then have you offer chicken in fermented black bean sauce….which I happen to adore while I really don’t like Caesar dressing and true asian use levels of fish sauce either but even I can adore a little little. Oh and you can keep the fois gras…really! Liver is always nasty! But would I try it knowing? Oh my…not on your life…I can be scared off.

But abalone. It’s rumored to be like scallops. I adore a good scallops and I’m mostly miss on seafood. I don’t conjure enough family guilt and I’m being stereotypical, to attract many asian pals nor am I very acquisitive or much use in math… So getting invited to Chinese new year is me cooking my own goodies and reading Amy tan or tsu tong. $398 on eBay for abalone at 1.1 pounds?! Um, I’m not soon sitting down to many $1300 a platter dinners either! But just like the oranges tinged coconut taste of Coco del Mar the naughty anotomic girly and boyish bits for fertiziling a palm fruit? I’m blessed Connecticut shared her dominant can heritage at suppers! But we weren’t in the Caribbean so no Coco del Mar. More am I in southern cali able in yesteryears to simply pluck a handful of abalones up for a surf-side supper.

But the point wasn’t that but knowing I like cooking would I know anything of abalone? Man oh man was that one always sly in how she asked questions gauging whether I’d embarrass her at that fancy fish restaurant with utter ignorance! Hahaha. I would have ;). I had me my whole fried perch at antijitos Tampa and I felt a complete cave person trying to consume my supper. Em-barrassing! But it went well with my Negro Modelo beer! And it sure did taste good.

Have you ever been outfoxed? Some folk can sure be slick. Smile as you remember your,” damn it!”. But remember to acknowledge you love them all the more so as they’re suddenly a larger prize being crafty atop purdy.

And I best turn a good few buckets gold to get after some Jade abalone.

I guess the point I suppers alone. Nor is it I love even if you’re long long gone. But little things things. That add a world of meaning.



I just read another achieved a success. I am grateful they have as that IS abundance even me not personally getting. Some of that is lost in chasing a forever relationship lost… Caring others win.

In between procrastinating the dishes…and this is quite SAD I have coffee and Rum and cream no drain plug with everything needing a soaking…. I’m grateful finally for the dollar store broom. ;). Something seen! Is already done! Mmm and a naughty sip after day off chores calling.

I’ve just enough this month to joy in a few smaller things with even a second free money covid economic impact payment possible albeit August if it gets passed later this month. In reality this is the thirteenth month paying today or Monday of restructuring my fall from grace chasing hope… And the twelfth of dialysis. I’m in the overtime of life! I’ve just enough to replace my tools gone with the English partner off to darker more social chasing life. But my pan is in his car. No biggie 8 bucks for that and sort the close on trip target monthly due… Or in effect the monthly cycle…and if I’m off my butt then grab shirts so I can own more than three.

Yet most of all, I have no need to fear the late night look at me arriving late…it’s a pig sty! Hint You feel guilty and clean. You know what, if and when I’m free to… Might be a bit, I’m sicker than I used to be and a week can go by for the right FIVE minutes that it is never…or I can’t be lead on I haven’t energy to comply. Oh don’t you worry it’s still tried while I become comfortable saying tough rookies! Be careful to know I know life will float on by even as I adjust how I comply. Or duh, balance…and knowing so often it’s why didn’t this happen for me attitude s still must have a little carrot or one just has less stability but at egg shells walked unrewarded often efforts unless you’re NOT looking for thank yous or any appreciation…it’s that face after sex, I got MIne…unh!😆. Pure selfish.

I continue grateful in knowing I can empty the sink to ask a second time after the dishwasher being attended. I know until the sink is empty then wait a day as that’s seen then do another round of efforts to make sure it is again…dishes are like taxes. Garunteeable in this life…ever and omnipresent. Yet you see I’m not disempowered doing this. The pigsty griper can move fuck him. If I ever want a fixed dishwasher I can attend to the method helping the fixer doin it. Contrary to logic make gross broke clean so the broke can’t be spotted hahaha and then hope it is. I want the machine running. I can’t sort folks desires to feel they’re owed other doing for them… So if that’s truly the case don’t be surprised that I have faced expulsion smack dab at the end of business most expensive times carry everything I own thrown out… I have spent two years offering freer choice only to lose and then get stood up again and thrown out sick broke and bankrupt needing just a bit more than I got help…. Again…I know all about the quote right way.. the celebrate life wallet wide empty. But I also know more roommates exist. I haven’t anymore energy than I do…next to none but ten mutes every other day! Hahaha. In that I’m it didn’t get done on their schedule. Or I too can be less caring…I sure have gotten mine over time.

15913839375719130390685188905876please note that the typical mine and another round of everyone else’s were handwashed in hot soapy water well over twenty seconds soaking in soap for sanitation sake so as I may eat off them again. And the whiners of entitlement didn’t have to nor sweep nor trash not scrub shower after five users a day… And or none of what comes of onerousness chores…yet I highly doubt it helps as what others want is you beg forgiveness offending and do it for them and grumble you lesser human! How dare you… Just you wait… I myself don’t care it’s enough most were mine this time and fair the dish machine broke or not if it isn’t quick less nasty to attend fixing, it will be weeks before and flies and stench to pay another…then have that receipt result in others oopsing my money off their rent. Trying to avoid MY issues and liability…nor am I house bitch bitter housewife…sorry for the stereotype…

But. To do as I need for me helps on my schedule. To not rush having no dishwasher to get by when I pay for one…. working. To know I watch history enough to know colonel Sanders was on wife two as the first divorced him for always losing work…even though KFC sold for many many many millions of dollars bonus for wife *2*. But even if it is true wife one was “done”. Just as I may get the luck I want and such but it’s far too late for those of my previous hopes. The reason gratitude is here is knowing I can gently but more effectively move on sad or unfair and believe youe grief can produce mean anger in even me as I am sorry oops lol I’m human and sick of much of the extortive codependent demanding of others even if I must live with others a bit still. I can’t just money it away. I can barely eek out budgetary items knowing this current pinch will get gotten after and even if it’s one entire nasty double or more after it, so the bleep what? It gets gotten. And perhaps that’s the best I can be blessed with my lessons nearly entirely giving up all I did to better be alligned with my then goals ….. I reinforced patience only to see it used against me then. I let the extortion come so I’d a chance at heaven. It became right on schedule abused and to keep alive just a taste then nah. As I went broke got thrown out had to begin restructuring and lost all kidney function needed to independent live…as others decided the happy is others. Believe me being bong Bing… On my can. Hee hee. As you get. What you put out and you pay for. Unfair. Hahahaha. But caring less t…

Enough Yammer. I’m not *there* yet. That is obvious. But progress for which I’m grateful. Hahaha. Wanh tired and it’s my gig or it don’t get done. Hahahaha. Wannnnnnh. Half broke. Sick takes me forever twice as long. And my gig or it don’t get done. No thanks no nothing ….wannnnnnnh because it’s expected service or responsibility…. Hahahaha. That spirit passed will be a blessing when better comes of instant life altering luck which always comes, comes again.



Faraday flashlight

Shake Light 40-B LED Flashlight, Rechargeable NiMH Battery, 2hrs Light per Charge, 1yr. Warranty, STEM Education, Camping, Safety Kit

I tried a mag-light but the pocket sized ones… I personally need the ambient light to be way bright to see. This was so neat! However, one toss across the room oops, cement! It shattered. Thus, disappointed I still couldn’t see with it as white light that’s harsh isn’t very helpful as it washes stuff out…. And it lasted less than the battery jobs with wasted stolen for other uses batter kind!!

Citrus sippers

Citrus Sipper 4 Pack

These were part of the ever sharp knives ala infomercial of the 80’s. Again neat if mostly useless if you can’t squeeze you fruit hard enough!

Nothing will stop me from still finding either neat! But as use/value…um, nah