Memories Made And Memories More?

Hardee’s is a memory for this Colorado USA guy. Uncle worked with from before they for him we’re Hardee’s but an unknown to my era, Burger Chef’s. Even now I’d gladly rewatch the daily recipe on Hardee’s biscuits

I could post corporate hooey, but we all know who is doing the WORK.

So you’re up on your reasons why I’d care even if I really haven’t been there for Hardee’s even,. I have seen cooks and wanted some their mojo. While I couldn’t quite then understand how he taught, it was kind he tried and it survived in my memory as he is long gone to other rewards. And biscuits were a feature of
Shuffle the heights, Tampa Florida and oh the many beers to cry in over that rogue shuffl-ing of my game! But like bowling which I also suck at, quite fun anyways.

However, this isn’t Annie’s of Hannover of the mall! Oh no. It’s a biscuit shaped like a pretzel. Believe you me, it’s still good.

Thinking biscuits, them rising crust pizza things. Store brands now but digiorno lead the way… I laughed reading the label and sussing it was…a biscuit crust?
This youtubery – the pepperoni cheese pretzel? Yep. Biscuit.

Outside of getting poured into a cab in Colorado Springs, Co when I lived there, getting high speed dirt thank you, Great Dane youth!, I made that one!

Only once have I made a scratch bechemel and it was for American Thanksgiving my offer was scratch green bean casserole baked heavenly and yes I like stuff I make too! But oo! Cremini mushrooms fried in butter within a wholesome cream sauce…. It was then I’d try a biscuit and gravy again knowing it can be Divine.

That said, here’s a fast food idea not in my markets I wish would come
Red Rooster of Australia’s pineapple fritter. I only oft get to hear what’s good going. Thus your memories are just as precious as inspiration.

Here’s the catch. I don’t like it all. I am not convinced peanut butter belongs anywhere near my hotdog. I don’t much care if you call it a Thai hotdog or not. That doesn’t mean I won’t bust out a bit sauerkraut and make hot dogs after reading bon appetit magazine discussing a Thai hotdog. I would enjoy a schlotskis deli eggplant parmesan or even a Thai chicken pizza. For that point. Heck I’m fickle enough I don’t even like peanut cookies much! There is even less chance you’ll get me eating watermelon with peanut butter than you will smearing my hotdog with it.

And now that we end biscuits memories some mine some I missed… I really came here thinking baklavah glazed popcorn.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “Memories Made And Memories More?”

Now those are some wonderful biscuits! Your uncle must have been from Rocky Mount, NC. We lived there for many years. Hardies was the restaurant of choice when our boys were little. Saturday morning we would go for bacon egg and chees biscuits. They were wonderful. I really enjoyed this post and the good memories you brought back!

I’ve been to Charlotte and the ashville/Cherokee of NC. Uncle worked Detroit Michigan and Columbus GA areas Hardee’s/ Burger Chef’s.
Glad to conjure. Happy indepence day

Neat! Didn’t know. But same too, burger chef originated the kids meal/toy most of us know as the “happy meal”. And poor you 😔 f you waffle house in Denver metro… awful house… But surprise to me is how good it was 😊 in NC.!.

When we got married in 1969, we went to berger chef because it was the cheapest place to eat. The sold hamburgers and had a like a small salad bar where you could load your own burger with whatever fixins you wanted. Hardies had a machine my kids loved where they would give you hardees coins to put in and get trinkets. They loved it.

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