Guessing Games.

My thrill of life is a buffet of pills. I’m being highly sarcastic. But in that courted so I remain spiritual gratefulness, it’s true, I don’t take the bleep stuff I do far more poorly.

Problem of pills is the Guessing Games!

For instance, I like many-a-one over 2 like coffee. I get a sour stomach even with milk/creamers! But it is unpredictable when with on exception… I sure as heck after a caffeine free month, get quite wired. Well, remember the wired feeling and that it’s precisely also like my one tricky med levothyroxine be- thyroid replacement hormone. Levo can and has badly left me confused so I could process but I couldn’t recall…not even my own name! It is very easy when by basic height of 73 centimeters or 68.25 inches and weigh 62.5kg ish this instant dewatered so my socks don’t show sock-line (water retention thank you kidney failure). Thus by toxicity calculation I’m 146 micrograms levothyroxine prior to it tipping toxic…my pill is 150ug. Barry you worry as uptake is unpredictable as it’s unlikely to ever be 100% … But! Indications suggest against taken such with calcium or food in general….the confusion I found is precisely a vitamin D or calcium ;). Confused. Poisoned. I thankfully can duplicate but not on complete command this result. But which is it? Wired on the coffee or I poisoned myself miss along my meds? Damn Guessing Games!

Truely sad I get less than I love it love 16oz coffee at current grounds before that green feeling comes….tingle tingle extremities..more a sign of low blood pressure than high… Yet it can be high too so as to make me fear my b p meds fail…they have…hello 220/165mg Merc! By the way, that’s a war river each heartbeat you hear yourself live.

Well damn it on coffee as much as *I* want… Smiles as if I’ll throw a little tantrum.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Guessing Games.”

Well then…be very careful you don’t cook primarily in Teflon pans as it blocks thyroid uptake. Yes stainless steel is steel wool bitches to clean but being healthier helps. I own Teflon for my rice pot. Next avoid like plague juice or “fruit” sodas as Esther of wood rosin or bromated vegetable oil is an outright competition tween iodine/thyroid And bromine iodine we need always losing… Next, Arby’s and burger King via wonder bread my areas producers of these places buns still used bromine in process of that always perfect puff bun…same thing…it doesn’t make you crave the food but any food as bye bye thyroid. ;). Now to afford non Teflon. šŸ˜‰

As stated, it Makes perfect puffed buns. You’d be surprised at how much we all eat and pay with our eyes. MacDonald’s sneaky stopped their usage of bromides in the era of after the switch to vegetable oil to fry the fries. Wendy’s where’s the beef and a few girls winning the spilled coffee lawsuits they just didn’t need further hassles. I mean duh, they season their beef patties…thus would not be 100% all beef and they know it!

Crown burger is my current I can get there favorite. Jim’s burger haven while still good changed buns to a more chibatta be mcyuckier in my opinion bread. B k still is the general available my yummy…meaning you know I like mayo on my burgers.

What’s you on burgers?

Sorry re the pills! I would really dislike those altered my perceptions/memory/awareness, etc.! Although I may have experimented, back in the day, I knew effects would eventually wear off. Hugs, you, for having to deal with all the medical.

I had no that hug thanks as an iced tea. To add to my games one is number two … I’m mildly curious if this is higher phosphorus any level can tip my kettle. But as I get to gain more antiphosphorus… One focus at a time! (Fifty three, just wait)

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