Summers Strolling

Corn dogs.
At heart a cornbread batter with hotdog on a stick taking a dip then bath in oil.

My favorite by most consumed is frozen section and a tie.
Foster Farms’. Honey cruch porky dog…
State Fair all beef corn dogs.

Today uncle sent a temptation

Good tune but lol to the point

This while good brings up well there’s more than yellow cornmeal what about white and blues?

I can’t find an example of white cornmeal highlighted specifically so here’s a pancake mix “corn” dog

Kenyon’s gristmill of those island USA is “Johnny cake” or white corn and in operation since before our Independence as a country.

Blue corn is by no means out.. but here it is and hardly that exciting for color/expense to hunt down…if you ask me.

This brought up bratwurst corn dogs?
Yep they have vids…
And I’ll surely find a keilbasa soon enough.

However, while I skipped Disney BOTH in visiting Anaheim CA (National Federation of the Blind convention) and Disney World when living in Tampa Florida about 120 miles or two hours by car and as you know I don’t drive… Also Greyhound visits Orlando too cheaply… There is no denying the far flung Disney captured and considered inventor of the dog… if you want Texas, California or IOWA to win!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Summers Strolling”

This preceded by burnin for you’d roast and if you’re not sensing witches cauldron of ideas…. I too am not read.
Taking the mushrooms to the apples and onions isn’t all that unheard of so here’s a redo idea
Apple’n’ mushroom mini tarts

This brings up a wider cheese tray than is my usual… And something I haven’t made again in ages… Purple pepper jack pasta… Which while gas ala cabbage…gas ala cheeses…ooo boy!… Is pair-able as a veggie dinner.

Social Distancing maintained or shall we sit outside?

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