Blah astrological situation.
Time still spins on. So here’s what I can do.

It’s another thin moment finishing out now towards next month. As I’m half done restructuring repaying a fling as it worked out, here’s choice – 25 lines my pockets with 10 but really 13 days to go or just under $2 a day!
Mom was excited over the park by the bacon social house. I noticed it read like brother in law’s kinda place but he’s gonna miss it for visits going down for surgery fixing a bum hip… The average offer here is $30 with adult beverage and entree. So cheaping out or nipping tip or hipping myself the try seems silly… Pocket fulllll of hot loot !! Do I get another rum and finish replacing gold kit? 4.49 small pan 3.99 additional 2nd snuffer bottle plus tax however my sportsman’s Warehouse close has empty shelves and according to customer service they don’t control what’s on the truck or when stuff comes…none in the “back”. (website says in-store ONLY and thus no oder options…but the other location suspicious close to my sisters meaning visiting there maybe is optional. Skipping rum and getting fast food of some kind lunch is optional. Saving aside lunch prepared for July begining return to bus fare due remember I have reason to travel and am paid most often a few painful days after month’s begun.

Mom offers a slow cooker so I may not buy one thin with the expensive refill of my phosphorus binders script. Believe me, phones due, bus fare again…meds…I might be dreaming about slow cookery pot or not!

There just might be gold too.

This leaves me still borrowing a shovel… 20 for a folder or similar completing the “kit” all mine and not in other’s cars but in my possession. Technically it just begs a cast-iron pan and a gas bottled burner or two plus deposit price as in no exchange blue rhino bbq gas bottle… Why is one “roasts” sulphide concentrates to release more gold and most anything around here is pyrite…suphided…. Not “free” gold that begs kiln and equipment to cupel purified stuffs for a better price or any price as I said much of anything around here is hidden money. To date I spot only pyrite…but even that might contain the c a s h! It is hard to pack a burner, bottle, pans..a cheap bit of burger foils fixings for a dual purpose burger on the banks and burning rotten egg sulpher off of black sand concentrates for hopefully g o l d!

Slow cooker recipes ideas or desires.
This is close to a “vodka” sauce and by it’s hinted prep slow cooker simmer-able

Country green beans with bacon, ham, onion.

Crock o chili either a quick rice underlayment or “soup”. Likely

Whether or not it’s possible in slow-cooker land to make maple chicken wings… Which is mostly a simmered glaze of maple syrup, soy, and the garlic…chicken wings…but not boiled only but crisped…glazed… Candied coated…or not a slow cooker simmer part now…but oven…

Why maybe mom liked that little recognoiter ride
War memorial rose garden, Littleton, co
It was dusk, I saw only shadows….
This is by Stern’s park, Littleton, co,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:15871101335233485945,rc_q:Sterne%2520Park,ru_q:Sterne%2520Park,trex_id:CzjJFe
The park has a playground thus maybe little nephew can toddler explosion it after boring big people breakfast delay the freedom from b s prison car seats and or high chairs…
It’s literally a ten minute walk with stroller by I ain’t done it yet but it’s like two blocks! From breakfast notion.

What I’m saying is, I’m lukewarm on inspiration.
I enjoyed a rum hangover yesterday so pardon if I’m not all agog about vodka or rum…any spirit.

I’m not quite sure what to slow cooker but believe me my modus on shopping food is AFTER bill cycles mostly I mean I’m that dedicated to finishing fights after a future where I sort true costs medical, both debts a-piling and the then cost and then the damn jip called drug upkeep. This is after effective settlement of the I did not file it bankruptcy outcome of trying after both love and together but in a fulfilled sence of personal empowerment and Independence….oh the nuclear bomb debaucle and ruin that became with others chosen correct for them choice! I too fight on so it’s probably best you understand sour grapes then, finer wine now of hope as savored overlooked type living… metaphoric now.

Or, I’m just not brimming with magic mojo hmn.

But such is the choice. To pursue the required of gold chasing after every booger… Anaemia to limit carrying kit and distance to location… thank you English beginning partner for the enthusiasm and going! Even though crabby me is after a specific way after life incompatible with a different, you, approach. The what’s for snack, lunch when it’s really not hard yet I’m fickle and broke. The it’s a lot! Of dirt moved for it may be 20 sparkles or colors in four buckets of earth moved and 20000 sparkles a GRAM ($50) or mathwise 4*13 is 52 shovels for 20 * 1000 or possibly 52,000 shovels best day was 520 ish or it might be 100 miserable frustrating days or a year after getting kit at 200 up to make…fifty bucks? Yikes! Hope not..that’s like being friends after romance…yee haw! Fucking fantastic I offer out the smiles and another reaps the reward of a happy woman returning…wheeeeeee, smell the angst and/or jealousy!…

That lessens. That notion I care for a result I do not control thus push away . I’ve always found success in facing this stuff or “fears” head on saying I do not care. And in this I may find gold or lottery resolution or whatever way to resolve financial pinch now…the joy in smaller accepted new me living with happiness everywhere less worries I am gonna be made in some dream instant or dreamy you are lover. And yes.. still not emotionally there this yet but I can say annoyed but I can still love them as is..not supposed to be… Which may attract cash and or gal eventually as the happiness shared is the point

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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