Amnesia Lane Over Cheap Lattes

Cherry latte

Columbus GA touring:
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Murphy’s “mansion” Dallas, Chattanooga TN via Nashville (no time for hatty B’s shut the cluck up hot fried chicken- dang it) HOTlanta for the fright of my life exiting Greyhound to get ten blocks from all the human flies buzzing around for a crumb… But Mary mac’s tea room mmm.

Other excursions
From Columbus, GA

Panama City FL
Moving to Tampa FL

From Tampa / St Petersburg
Columbus for new nephew/mom visiting wasn’t well….RUSH!

Philadelphia PA
Via Greyhound through south Carolina
Funny I had an hour lost misguessing my stations of transit so not only missed out setting foot in Delaware.. expensive boo boo! But also was far too tired to reorient and try for the signature mentions Philadelphia cheese steak Sandwiches…expensive boo boo! I didn’t like whoever’s sandwiches or pizza Philly cheese. Flew to Denver onward…the bus sucked but setting foot in south Carolina early am icky for a candy sack? Ahhh memories.

To have finally made Nola though as I’d wanted to go in 2005 then some jerk of momma nature had a blow around the town.

Previously Denver direct as I had to replace my eyeglasses and had to travel without them for a tidy $2300 bill trying to establish a life in FL yet no paycheck came and thus the same needed to be someone else and else’s…ahhh the celebration of life wallet wide empty.

Thus excepting Delaware, I achieved my list of travel needed out of GA living with the utter bright spot of Lane’s orchards for peach fritters.

I achieved Nigerian food like my aced paper in college ten years after the fact…woooey is Dallas hot in August!

And believe me, visiting town libraries while not all that! Exciting…actually is. I’ve really mostly library images left. Hahaha

And wow the room coffee was riwandan! K-cup to be sure oh how impressed! Hahaha but mmm

Coffee taco bell and libraries!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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