Really Authentic

This is of but broken likely in sequence how a tea goes in coffee. The break is the coffee amount picture apparently demands to be a state secret. One heaping teaspoon then eleven more apostolic friends… Makes a Starbucks strong four cups which is really two 11 oz coffee mugs (smaller mugs). This notion gets old very fast as it’s not a tastey new coffee nor a fancy creamer but a cheap notion in weirdness. Ever so authentic. Yet I three to four bags tea which make the cup apiece tea additionally coffees. That’s how strong. That’s how much. And I hid the bottle of rum and sugar plus milk. You are wise if you know the peach version gone empty damn it called for me to ruin my coffee, seriously, tissanes don’t allow you to booze your brews… Chicory just blick! Won’t blend with rum. Yet fruity coffee! Mmmm

Same thing with Coke zero. I had a great drinks thing going now the stuff mixes like cyanide and wine. Oh well, there’s coffee.

Note, I’m truly legally blind. I needed so I thought a new coffeemaker. I couldn’t make strong coffee? Turns out after the new machine made it just as crappy it was me who couldn’t make coffee. Shhh. Stow it. So I vinegared the old machine and gave it to brother. – the point here is note the on/brew? Button is the one on the bottom or even stumbling blind a.m. I don’t have tooo many ways to fail making morning go juice. Consider this if you fear vision failing that life is still very possible…duh, there’s coffee 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Really Authentic”

Well, even I remember the look on her anyways crabapple face, when at seventeen, I made the office coffee a bit more like conjuring onyx. Imagine this is a disabilities office offering employment … I’m 17 male…the youngest is 28 6 months along with her third child, the crabapple is 45 and the oldest of this bunch of four. Female. Type a: mismatch. I do believe that there was in fact not a blessed thing I did right there then.

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