Little Things

My little nephew shares that acronym of the title given. L.t. little things. Right now it’s about another of his acquaintance and that was shared. A lil California upbringing including snorkel fish/fresh seafood. Abalone.

What American first learning weird wider experience exists like french might gather a few handful of little black snails and serve it in butter sauce…es cargo. Ewwwwwwwwww! Is the response…or maybe frog legs ala Louisiana…. borscht of Ukraine…oh my Indian throw a spice cabinet at it…and I’d be highly reluctant even after having soy sauce and sauerkraut or things fermented to hear fish sauce is fish gut that leak out in salt and then have you offer chicken in fermented black bean sauce….which I happen to adore while I really don’t like Caesar dressing and true asian use levels of fish sauce either but even I can adore a little little. Oh and you can keep the fois gras…really! Liver is always nasty! But would I try it knowing? Oh my…not on your life…I can be scared off.

But abalone. It’s rumored to be like scallops. I adore a good scallops and I’m mostly miss on seafood. I don’t conjure enough family guilt and I’m being stereotypical, to attract many asian pals nor am I very acquisitive or much use in math… So getting invited to Chinese new year is me cooking my own goodies and reading Amy tan or tsu tong. $398 on eBay for abalone at 1.1 pounds?! Um, I’m not soon sitting down to many $1300 a platter dinners either! But just like the oranges tinged coconut taste of Coco del Mar the naughty anotomic girly and boyish bits for fertiziling a palm fruit? I’m blessed Connecticut shared her dominant can heritage at suppers! But we weren’t in the Caribbean so no Coco del Mar. More am I in southern cali able in yesteryears to simply pluck a handful of abalones up for a surf-side supper.

But the point wasn’t that but knowing I like cooking would I know anything of abalone? Man oh man was that one always sly in how she asked questions gauging whether I’d embarrass her at that fancy fish restaurant with utter ignorance! Hahaha. I would have ;). I had me my whole fried perch at antijitos Tampa and I felt a complete cave person trying to consume my supper. Em-barrassing! But it went well with my Negro Modelo beer! And it sure did taste good.

Have you ever been outfoxed? Some folk can sure be slick. Smile as you remember your,” damn it!”. But remember to acknowledge you love them all the more so as they’re suddenly a larger prize being crafty atop purdy.

And I best turn a good few buckets gold to get after some Jade abalone.

I guess the point I suppers alone. Nor is it I love even if you’re long long gone. But little things things. That add a world of meaning.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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