Albums of Meaning.

Honorable mention

Best I can determine through the dusts time, these are the albums that represent what I bought for tunes from that late preteen through highschool… Why you don’t see more classic symphony is I didn’t buy a lot…I’d listen and move on. Rachmaninoff is the first album I liked but was way post h s

If you play, this is ten albums that influenced you… Most of us can’t keep it to ten. Hahaha



his is season 4 of 4 seasons of blakes7….a bbc hit of the turn of the 80’s… it’s NOT buck rodgers… it’s NOT battlestar galactica which was becomings it’s own spinoff of back to earth part two by then.

8oz oj
1/2 shot mescal. if you full shot it, you’ll have to use more than
one drip of raspberry margarita mix…it’s supposed to be for color but is a sugar so you could over splash and you’ll ruin the sunrise effect but you get a full shot of mescal drinkably sweet.

now off to santiagos after getting engine oil….the couch surger towed the car here…it blew a seal.
so much for better luck.


better luck

since i can’t see to type, touch typing. but on a laptop/ chromebook, this mean i get jibberish moving the cursor here and there inadvertantly as I lean my wrists on the keypad or push too hard.

I have a mescal vs. tequilia tequila sunrise going. no grenadine so I have razz mix instead… orange juice….mexcal and ice. it’s revolting as mescal just doesn’t mix and sweetly. it’ll do. the irish breakfast tea brews a weirdly sweeter way than orange pekoe black tea typical. this is so you’re paying attention to what’s good or not so good out there.

I relly did enjoy breakfast and better yet saved some for lunch a whack of that keilbasa as a hotdog if you will. I lugged a milk home and I am surprised its very heavy to me now eight pounds. …. but there’ll be chocolate milks and or coffees to come but more importantly there’ll be a tomato soup as I make my condensed with milk as I like cream of tomato. extra crackers of course.

I have my shopping list to repuroose. I may order waders to continue the local gold prospecting…but it seems I’ve parted with the partner in that for now. I may get either a nuclear box version or a double boiler version of an egg poacher… but I’m thinking hard in that I likely wont make a million homemade egg mcmuffins. I cant seem to get my favorite toast station consistant…lol but the drawbacks to getting a nuclear box plastic cup thing is they scratch and are one use type tools… while I’m not alton brown and have this thing about one user tools… I don’t want to search for things….. I really dont and I know if it’s unidentifyable it keeps getting thrown further into obscurities.

anyways no editing…so you can see I can’t type well nor spell. hahahaha. but maybe you can read this one.

3 hours ish and mail! my bookS!!! I can hardly wait. stingy not painful just noticable arm. so I really wonder if I’m headed for another angioplasty as part of my friday fistula gram… if so I’m definitely not hitt up dialysis saturday…. they’ll use heprin to make sure I don’t clot during proceedure and that means they;ll use an hour of pressure to get me to clot when they’re done and that means my arm will hurt all week. but I don’t quite get a we so if you’re wondering why booze now? duh, if I sneek a few drinks in today yay… I can dialysis the fluids off at least tomorrow… if I’m not going to d. I have to behave and stay around a liter and that means no boozey spirits as I have a little useless to stay alive with but a little kidney function which drops off with spirits intake. I had my two liter which is two kilos weight as si units are fairly easy to deal around … well I left at 60.4 from 63.8 prior to saturday’s two liter with mescal and arrived tuesday at 64.2ek albeit in my heaviest pants. that the end limit of what they can try to take of dehydrating me in a day. my dry weight is 60.5……dialysis forces me there…but a little restbit……..I cramped of course meaning give me fluid saline… I left at 60.8 and yes folks I have stopped fighting viciously the my pants weigh ex. shit. they dont care, it’s easier to set a weight allowing for that info and thus not force the non doctor to care about fractions and bullshit, you weigh ex we’re taking off ex in fluids. simple dimple. I do this

more out of giving up than i do fighting the good fight. I mean I go home and sleep fighting a half liter difference my way to sleep six hours of the treatment i sleep through mostly anyways four hours anyways…why fight? I. I mean I get a little ease not wanting to fall asleeps at street corners which is helpful but no long term better feeling really…why fight. i get all futoh a teensy bitter… you better believe it. sad is a better word even a solid year later as while I exploded in town after this and came back quote home unquote…. I was history about now in town. I hadnt been put on dialysis but at this point I was queerying to see about help real help as i couldn’t walk but a hundred feet without a rest and had serious x rayed fluid on my lungs and heart about now…. yes it was bad.ure benefits from better service to transplants based soully on how I fight or utilize my services now. why fight?

I can’t resolve even sorta put a finger on why I lost the last romance yet either. I may have not left florida by this point but i had fluid on my lungs and couldn’t walk a hundred feet without a rest. I may not have signed up for debt consolidation yet which shattered my finances completely by the way, shattered… that was the straw that was bankrupcty trying to avoid it lol. and i had signed a lease but hadn’t annoyed my uncle however I annoyed him to suddenly go poof in the night by some chicanery protecting him but fucking me into moving accross the country. but all the dangers were on crasshhhhhh and as i said it was just those few months to sort out getting me out. thanks universe!!!

course. unavoidable. i’ts odd i was kaput and didn’t see it. i thought i’d get a break. oh I saw the lass again and yet the hug had the unh unh in it no none of that. the chance at gov housing was investiggated… I’m curious a year later if I’m up from 614 to it’s my turn finally soon… I’ll look or I wont.

well as you see, I haven’t touched my wrist to the computer… so it’s typing too hard too. damn it. I suck at typing still.



the breakfast plate lawn

Typing practice…wellll? The fried egg turns out to be scrambled here….

It begins. it’s pre dawn so the sun isn’t in that picture nor did I make sunny side up eggs….but allllll the way fried. along with some keibasa and a unful
fill. snack it up?

but do you have any ideas how i can low potassium and moderated phosphorousgreen beans and a dash of salt. mmmmm. alllllll mine.through a can of green beans alll by myself. screw heating it up screw the butter, I guess I’ll get some rice a roni type thingos and some veggies cans i just love mowwing y by baggy of my med suitccase. I mean I’ll get more meds narry you worry. but it’s not this dday. I’ve just enough into next month to keep b p managed and vitamin d levels up. but snacks?

I love cheese.
I have to avoid potato.
up a bagg yet I’ve a high potassium and high phosphorous count so i can’t just abadon myself in snacck land nor can I fast fix it as it’s four hundred doughnut hole then two hundred ish to fishmight not eat hardly at all if it’s too much hassle to heat up a bit..but usually drink it warm.

I’mcurious more how to hand snacking… I don’t eat big meals and meant to bring a connection to the book coming this afternoon along with twenty some more friends on it’s digital cartridge. I’ve regular black too for iced tea.I’m curious to which tea to make… i’ve four fruit type teas in a sampler box no milk and thin sugar. I’ve assam in the irish breakfast teaing toast.. a fine predawn breakfast plate lawn of luciousness mowed down. oh yeah it’s gone.


A Snotty Haiku

Thy jolly Roger
Of your love in it’s actions
I’m cannon fodder.


Completion vs desire

I got my books for monday mailing.

vonnegut breakfast of champions. and hocus pocus. I love hocus pocus as my favorite of his. I’m hoping as it’s not reread often I can feel again that magic hearing the crazy clear as a bell describe whats going on…as marvin gaye sung the question. breakfasst of champions is for the mix it with tea and tralfamidor.

barbara kingsolver- the bean trees. her biggest hit was the poisonwood bible. I’m here for the jesus saves tires though. and a curious tree growing a mix of many fruits/nuts. I had just learned something of a groan word… scion-tology of trees. I’m looking again to be reminded of little things not typical.

Alexander McCall Smith’s 19 no.1 ladies detective agency books.

alexander pushkin….the poems
ee cummings life of poems

they didn’t have my seeries! the first north americans people of series… I wanted book seven people of the lightning….a florida precolumbian peoples book by wm and ko gear of wyoming.

amy tan – saving fish from drowning. – have the assam tea already and hope on my monday travels I’m able to get a small jar of lychee jelly at the asian grocery sorta on the way.

tom robbins – fierce invalids home from hot climates

and pick and mix discworlds by terry pratchett.

I forgot the jules verne. I’ll survive. I don”t feel like mixing hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy this go around. but that’s also next.maybe

oh and marco polo too. I guess thats another day. lol.

I made a raspberry lemonade from concentrate and mix lousy mezcal with it. hmph. it mixes far far better overly sweetened which I do and can now but thats hmph…if it needs an ocean of juice to be any good.

I liked my red sauce and await gas.
I mean I’m stuck at home with a rest… covid closed life is pretty much into what i want til next week monday when I’d planned on today!

I wonder what is on for mom’s day gathering. since i mean everything’s closed off still.


Arby’s copycat red ranch sauce.

I came closer with
Red pepper vinagrette

For a wow.

Yes Kroger tub lunch meat roast beef, artisan buns onion 4 pack. Sauce above. Warmed (of course nuked)


Second Pieces


The pieces of my day.

5/9 is tomorrow and di as dialysis…or day shot to hell.

Interested that is haven’t called yet

Vonnegut – breakfast of champions
Vonnegut – hocus pocus
Barbara kingsolver – the bean trees
Bernard Cornwell – azincourt
Tom Robbins – fierce invalids home from hot climates
Amy tan – saving fish from drowning

With luck:
Terry Pratchett

Marco Polo – travels
Jules Verne – 20000 leagues under the sea

Elizabeth kubler-ross – life lessons

And now I have a bit of hot water and a can of chicken noodle soup needing to be put together…and far too many crackers (saltines)

Or my day if I go anywhere it’s to the Santiago’s for a take out beef smothered in half/half green chili…their hot costs more and they just add a small half can of jalepenos…nah. or I get my nacho action on! And a closer trip to seven eleven….that’s if I want that can of jalepenos hahaha.

I need an egg poachers device. So looking that up.

Agincourt is 1415/ historic ish fiction. It occurs on St crispins day. St crispins is a school vaguely of Somerset England…where you get ciders. I may still yet get my sour apple martini try of for teas sake…gave a dn nough of it away as good gifts well received yet I never quite gotta try the stuff damn it!

Marco Polo and Verne… Both are found to invent their books via other materials/accounts. It’s a study in writing.

Pratchett I just like.

If Agincourt flubs breakfast of champions is the apple martini tea.

I’ll have to get a roiboos for no1. Ladies detective agency

I have the Irish breakfast tea for tan but want a bottle of lychee jelly or pineapple. Sweeten it some.

Or it’s still in pieces… Heh but I’ve word and not fuck they lied…I mean from my house to 8156 s wadsworth Blvd is. 33 more long blocks south and 80 short blocks west of here or 1 hour and ten minutes via many busses the main one clogging by not visiting station that direction any longer. 3 busses is add hour and a half toiss all three twice 3 hours…2 and a half travels and hour and a half to achieve aim or a seven hour day I haven’t yet tossed in lunch. But you must understand that the bussing reality of planning an hour errand 25 minutes by car is alllllllll day.

And I even must wait til Monday as one bus no Sunday service to speak of!

But again here’s your chance while I find 303-727-9277 on my phone



I’ve the twinnings Irish breakfast tea. I’m considering the twinnings run for lapseng suchong…. Or Roland persimmon black.
Can’t find my listing yet it’s been here for decades.
And I can’t find my fav persimmon tea listing either. Some orangy spice soap! Yummy.

Came in one of those. Roland brand persimmon black.

Lapsang Souchong
Lapsang suchong tea – twinnings

Kinda like childhood, some days you can find the rootbeer barrel candy… sometimes you can’t. Some days you feel all happy and 13 and someday which bus was that?


Karen! your call to comment

while investigating my next books from the library and whether or not to pair any with beverage tries….you’re welcome to contribute…. I see an amy tan book. it mentions abduction by KAREN.

KAREN? in modern usa and some other spots…karen is the pissy person…. could it be though that ms. tan is to blame for KAREN?

wikipedia settles all be4ts not perhaps because it’s unedittedable… but because it’s fast. so in spirits such as that…. wikipedia sets up the ponder. 😉

considering the burma road…and it’s restoration in ww2, the tea for this book is…assam! as I’m not limited on wheere to get assams’ but have a favorite… Twinning’s brand Irish Breakfast tea… I would be consideering this book and the tea 😉

this is how you’re to play if you’ve no offer beverage with book but have say the book in minnd. I’m asking soft drinks please. I mean duh, you do not have to offer me ” tsukikage Ran” with rice milk! such is a japinese anime series about the swashbuckling girl duo fighting injustice in a comic way….with a love of sake. I mean duh, sitting to that ientertainment would be silly without sake.