Just as you can spray for birds at the golf course near a rice paddy… Methylanthranilate is used it is base chemistry the aroma of and base taste as tastes are chemical markers salt, hot,cold,acid,base, umami, ish but more that plus an aroma…. Aromas as chemicals are often “esters” or an acid hitting an alcohol… And this usually naturally derived because it’s cheaper than fake to make methylanthranilate makes birds hate the golf course yet the rice nearby is? Fancy! Jasmine rice sells as a premium! Nutty with a beautiful aroma. Bet you wished ddt or similar anti pest juice was the same nice trick but it eggs with ecological hormone balances so nay to that.!.

Kansas not Concord newhampshire is more likely to grow those purple grapes known as Concord grapes. This is Mogan David Passover wine type grapes to wine. And unlike the scariest television I saw in my life! Action music for hole digging in Kansas! Eeeek. Talk about right on formula but scary in product! It was a show about meteorites…Kansas gets more of them on this planet Earth than anyplace… And is growing more cheap dollar jelly than anywhere…but wine sells for 10 a bottle. It’s going to $8 as economy shows that’s holding more sales… But 1 dollar a jam versus eight for a wine? Kansas wants to be your wine country!!! Elderberry, jalepenos are those blends as variety is that spice of life…and yes you’ll just be surprised where farming is going! Oklahoma grows crap tobacco and sesame seeds which supply our tahini for the craze that it hummus in every store and still keep the Chinese aisle in sesame oil and all our china sauces… This helps your Minnesota and north Dakota sell those dried beans more profitable…garbanzo with tahini is Hummus! So if one pound of beans is 1.69 most places and hummus is 2 for five on special? More money! And why sell $2 oil when you can sell fresh arugala at fancy prices for the health Cuckoo folks for – I adored my century egg with arugala garnish of my ramen bar tour of the st. Petersburg Florida downtown “Locale” market with a Reed’s double ginger beer for 2 bucks and a ramen bar is 15! (Century egg… Come on! Organic everything! ARUGALA!. Come on! ) Hearing the every February downtown grand prix race as I slurped ramen and wicked fizz ginger beer with cane sugar! On a porch in plush seating and shaaaaadddde! But arugala is the base of the cheapest home fry oil, canola. Watch how canola is damned for not being g eat yet arugala is magic! Healthy-wise???

I’m looking up the himiway ebike. I can’t peddle the hills as I lost 100 lbs historic to known values and keep 90-95lbs lost off for a decade or more now. You just won’t have as much muscles for anything! Yet I’m 3 miles I can less often walk. There are side streets with lights to safer cross… I can not physically see 1/2 a house before a sign to read thus you know that I see the shapes in daylight to avoid cars! But I’m too close now so it’s spooky always emergency stop thus restarting on hills ugh. Biking… I can’t really open road or trail either!!! They’re crazy round here! Zoom! Awaits shockwave of sounds to catch up as they pass!!! But in limited ways I can semi safely achieve a grocery to a movie theatre area with bulk grocery a sports store and coat warehouse and basic home appliance joint. That’s the main hub. Obviously twenty minutes to dialysis via a side street is just a minute or so faster! Than and oo biking in air! Ahhh. Than crappy bus. So not just fun but practical use. Can you understand the scent of no cash yet and or roadrash? Hahaha… helmet, body armor. Etc hello sports place! But that I can with backpack hit my five to eight gold panning places legal and producing so others say! I have found pyrite flake only with my eyes! But who cares Riverside nap and picnic is joy. So you see my wheels of the mind turn. $1500 ish delivered.

I’m trying to change what I can’t…but I can work around little things. This means I return to things utterly changed forever. I mean I know hours of basic recipes processes home foods! Hours! I even still cook with lesser abilities now some of them! I can make a spicy tuna sushi roll. Pretty toastadas, a passing home hamburger fully fixed as in dragged through the garden…fish tacos… Many a street taco… I mean I’m very limited with n energies and yet I still can! One handed and blind as I already was manage magic! At least to me. But how to make it one handed which eliminates much of the pretty to foods…I do not yet have a mandolin which is very dangerous yet far more even pretty slicing… Remember to investigate but safety, atop efficacy. I smell thus a scent of a different world now.

I know some ucks..but joy of possible is returning. Random awe of the world is returning. Money isn’t piling in my bank account… Damn it.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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