Help me with my cauldron?

I’ve a couple racks of beef back ribs.

I cook ribs every few years.

So I very often am utterly forgetful of how to attempt it well.

My favorite of then 2010’s sorta seasons is negro Modelo beer braised ribs. I’m keeping this in mind.

I have doctor ketchup of Kraft spicy honey. I don’t think I’ll ever bake a batch of ribs apart in BBQ sauce… doctor ketchup…and as I’ve foodnetwork guidance today, Emeril Lagasse bless him even if he’s WRONG (no accounting for subjective tastes heh) says ketchup is for kids. (I love ketchup). Anyways smile…it’s quite okay if you don’t like ketchup…. One of my lifetime hated vinegar so hated much of the condiments aisle…ugh how annoying! But talk about easier to adjust down salt intake with no condiments!! But the point is I baked my ribs in doctor ketchup apart first times cooking. I felt like I was a little kid riding a bike with training wheels. I felt that watching the many much better cooks than I do it yummy. So the said that some chain restaurants steam their ribs prior to grilling…. Or I’d show up to a pot of witches brew black sin and hear that he was gonna boil ribs after I lit the grill… whaddya mean BOIL meat? Plus yuck another round of dishes! And I’m asked if I ever had shoeleather food allll stringy and tough….yes…that’s why you boil or steam your ribs first….or if you’ve time…bbq them…no wrong answers in right food.


But today’s question is…. If you read, this clearly says cold water and bring to a boil. So the question is as my pots rib sized take fourty minutes at altitude to come up to a boil….isn’t it like cheating to not include that time????? (No not really but it feels like it!)

Anyways, I’ve a bit of doctor ketchup because tooo fancy a sauce costs double for less than I need even as an after condiment!

Spicy honey BBQ sauce 10/$10

I thus need something complimenting honey for pot liquor.

J w Dundee’s honey brown beer?
Spice it with
A honey wheat beer? USA, Colorado available please.

I’ve salty enough beef stock to not get too close to unseasoned meat nor boiled watery fooey gross tastes.

Help me with my cauldron??

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Help me with my cauldron?”

I make delicious ribs but there is no grilling. First you need to remove the membrane on the inside surface – takes a bit it get it started but once started it pretty much peels off easy. Cut the ribs to fit in a large baking pan (I prefer glass). Season both sides with a rub of your choice (I use a bit of pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley and a little salt). Then put it in the pan with the inside down and cover tightly with foil. Place in the oven at 250 degrees F. for 4 hours. Yep. 4 whole hours. The key is low heat for a long time. 10 minutes to go, pull it out and slather with sauce – I like the Kraft Brown sugar and Bourbon (99 cents). Put it back in uncovered for 5-7 min. And then it is ready to serve – fall off the bone tender!!

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