Friday grateful s

The fourth moon of my ensconcement here in Layton logan land Englewood Colorado saw the utilities (my rent, with help) caught up.

That might not be much but it portends.  Oo fancy words…blame tea….and j l Borges…  It portends a better view to the future. I can not get out heavily recreational gold mining as tools even simple ones must still wait.  It’s still death pale thin.  However as portends means to hint, the worst is done.  There is room to rob Peter to pay paul. Now.  There is ways to make happen that weren’t.

The solidifying support still sees the proove it’s as a mild snarl of ideas is mom’s forever what’s these “play” ideas futures?  I’m like but I need more of a living that so far hasn’t come!  Cooooommmmmmmmmme on recreational gold mining, pan out! (Oh the pun) as part time nothing is is the death utter death of any free time and not enough recompense however fair, towards the effort.  Yet wait wait wait budget says.

Chicken not cooked sprinkled in McCormick garlic Chipotle season but very lightly salted paprika is a flunk. Add boring but creamy havarti and no taste exists for tasting the point of food.

Tea exists as does A sis given trip to talking book library.  (Yes, blind with a restricted arm for dialysis access also necessatating the doom of half my week treating to be alive, the absolute shifting mountain growing and sliding down of debts…life is challenges still but there’s a few of the old tastes literature and yet blah blah blah goes the machine as it’s hard to gain a foothold of interests currently). Little things tea and books.  But thank you!! For without it’s emptier.


Thus, careful thinking it’s easy just adjusting the badnesses away of food taste vs nutritional goals.  It’s got pitfalls.

Careful thinking the old way when it completely is left dead to yesterday’s.  There must now be change however unhinged I am…yet the challenges remain insisting attention.


And a year remains still looking thin.  My upcoming interested parties seem determined to ask a mountain to fall on them versus make dollar one.  I ain’t done it yet I can’t afford every fancy  tool and the tastey picnic grab bag to make this a silly jaunt Saturday type of galavanting aimlessnof outcomes around.  Yet I know it’s not in abandoned mines…that’s begging mountains to smile a lil oops snuffing me out.  Or a lil rock rocp and months of medical oops there went that!  I’m even sure ludricous clawing in barren uncomfortable spots will acheive near nothing painfully if I don’t get some tools and some investing outtings right. Yet everyone looks at the months already spent and what achieved thus…huge support.  Rightfully so actually just like love wow what achieved what love.!.  How this is fought is patient vision.

And unlike many weekly food boxes come.  Nothing like what I’d want in acheiving forwards returned yet it’s all that’s there making what hay I may.  I can get by.  I can say on my secret if needed time it’s worth a season to fight forth some brightness now to repay over time.  I can consolidate the few dollars towards a monthly non destructive chances.  I can by virtue of seeming unfair delay defeats wait some of the worst attempts latest maybe to some sensibility even if the delay seems a punishment.  I can wry smile I held a dream of yesterday hoping for a real tomorrow.  Grateful if because it’s Friday.  Slurp.  Yummy tea.  Insomnia. Still six weeks to go.  It’s really eight. Just to see firsts never my forte firsts come in. But once past the doddles steps, footings. Like a June wedding isn’t but furtive sashays say over champagne in late December….ushering in our hoped reforms that next year.  Time is what it is and what of it will come is built now.


Will it be sense?  Grating or grateful?

And both challenge and adventure await.  Damned awful poetry plunked pestilent ly in that river.


Will I have made a search for what’s at my very feet to be a simplified expression of my oomph ethics to collect it?  Or must every goblin have his fun first when I’m but to be a dwarf on my business?  Now that ease is again a rock will I get to benefit for why I bothered to struggle? Others already have. Do I get mine?



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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