Walking In Winter

The Mama’s and the Papa’s ‘went for a walk on a Winter’s day’ in their tune, “California Dreamin.'”. I am just back from my ‘walk’ about and afternoon/evening out. Oo how dreamy. Thanks to my mother’s friend Laura, I start this “stepping on the town” with a massage. Ahhhhh. Food came up… Fancy this occuring around me! We took a recommendation to visit a great local place after the ahhh. dinner was some Italian bliss because of Lubo’s. You know you’re finding heaven when it’s a thirty minute wait and it’s about every bit that too. The food is simple as it is tasty. Mom remarked how it reminded her of her childhood. I laughed at a catchy way to present an appetizer: “sticks and stones” or bread sticks and garlic knots. Like any Italian place putting out it’s stereotypical mafioso hit on your diet, this place serves a lot of food! In it’s portions. I got an antipasto half salad for 1 (ask for a plate and share! And maybe you’ll agree the cheese made it) eggplant parmesan and water. I left it seams with a second meal. I found the sauce bright with it’s well seasoned simple tomato with a balanced note of oregano. It was hearty as it was delicious.

Winter has more blahs to come I’m sure, but I had a bright night out to live again. Thank you Laura of course, mom too as I can’t get easily to the places, and yay world.