Details and unintended consequences through choices.

Cyclone mark v Steam engine. Company in troubles 2016/17 as I’m hitting Florida 2017… Not dead, nor am I but the dream alters. The dream alters

Consider under the blue picture the size of the engine compared to people. That like tucking a V8 into a little cj6 Jeep or ac cobra or mgb midget! It’s possible. But there’s a reason I not more common it’s a tight fit. And has drawbacks. Like 6-8 mpg? Nothing is wrong with the power…it is the efficiency.

Mark ii pelendine steàm.
Doble e
Heritage MGB rebody

Or real neat way to kinda plop in a steam engine into a cute white convertible… Hamburger s yummy cruising… It’s time off it’s a few bucks fuel and food and yet good as a time as that is funny how it’s 20k or 400 the very same 400 I never in Florida had free. Ias kids names others for life (Hogan knows best boy racer has wreck drunk driving racing…. Troubles.) As I show in town to a church where boy racing from school runs over a mother and stroller baby! (2018 Tampa). It was clear the boy wouldnt do the fullest time due to political shielding….same as Hogan boy wouldn’t fully pay for his actions… Just as haha I just didn’t meet more than my needs…. Florida. Or dreams don’t all come.

But here’s a bit of fun.

Something will come just love for what was will remain. Abundance in an instant will be. Even if the dream as is seems ruined impossible ashes gone damn you’d yes just a dash of ire. I did my bit ….what bit?…. What love/what support? You know he said she said shit. Bs dreams and silly fantasy versus real life… Why believe in lies bring the truth oh you need ex…ex is exactly what I’ll be….that haha?

Believe. Things LL be.

Maybe never as previously dreamed. Maybe I’m right even! Maybe yada.

It’s not dead it’s even fun. It’s just a function of making it possible. Just like the other hopes and dreams. It’s okay you wouldn’t believe or I’m an ass hoping unfairly.

Anyone for a plate of baked steamed clams?

I lived in Florida my purpose to independantly move toward my together forever dreams. I left with little but I had family. I chose not to overly rely on that. Great choices really – I did better coming in relying on nada. Risking the piss away credit max out to leave in haste flunking? Awwwww. Not every risk pans.

To Kno again family good. To lose crap who likes that feeling?. To feel I put out my all good. To know in a way? I’m empowered more now. Hopeless though it it seems still months later unfair cheated…. The junk?

Now understand I think steam is neat. Steam car! House of dirt nothing riches made…but not as a starwars trash house but a nice house! Square. Western. Fancy foods I can make. You can see my joys my struggles and it makes better sense that I chose or unintented consequences of choice. I didn’t intend to

Suck down a glass of tasteless grit to hope to not hear my heart keep me up. To be months again coming IF my latest second round comes debt relief the overpriced loan to end negotiated settlement. Paid in full ending the high cost to fail after you. My dream. Upset you could but yet again didn’t. Bless you.

Maybe the next shot shows I don’t care and magically can. By maybe I don’t mean to be a dream came true…. Just fun as i was even with you. A friend as I wished of you. Someone believing back. You did im sure. I still wear or carry your helps. Yet my beef was real fancy how simple life is that success. I’m currently shown is surmount my need of I by ACHEIVE it and giving it nit wanting help yours or your belief leading giving not getting…. The role.

I’ll likely get there. Thanks again for what still awhile feels like darkness…it’s light. It’s truth. No one needs to gamble belief. Be string enjoy it all maybe it’ll come for me.

The bitterness will dissolve. I’ll still eat salads. Unfair I don’t want what’s given. I meanly did as I said. Left expectation unfairly present me when what’s one more ego? Yet if I’m to lose anger and blame? Bless you. And all the happiness.

(I suppose i feel I need say it, the anger the Barb’s aren’t to to hurt you… They’re there to ensure the wall against the disappointment the wall is mine and so it’s clear that’s then my opinion of then and the Never again is then welcome as it was then… Not that you’re unwelcome or wished evil as you aren’t. Sure 5herell be a moment I wish to bed you and or outdo. But it won’t change then or now or futures. Sure! Ill be the better part of this year making new. Sure! There’ll be a hollow come the wins surely coming as the dream was you and any new dream will be a replacement substitute versus you. And you won’t likely be there my complaint all along to care but even if you were you won’t by actions. Or recovery is far enough along. Cheers. Watch if you still troll. Call if you want. Thanks for yesterday.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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