Definitive DURN-it.

I read Amy Tan’s “The Bonesetter’s Daughter” yonks ago. (Most famous for “the joy luck club – and to younger folk … millennials….. As writer creater of “saqwua, the Chinese cat”) I dread of ‘peen tong’ and the sesame ball- a beanpaste in sweet dough fried doughnut coated in sesame seed. DURN-it! I never even can find ‘peen tong!’

Shhh. I cook just enough to investigate similarities peen tong is a brown sugar ‘candy’ thus oo hard find another! But even I’m not immune to the word ‘authentic’. I’m still looking.

Peen tong might be HAW FLAKES a similar brown sugar Todo.

Peen tong might be
Wong tong – gee, ‘dumpling’ as in wonton?
Piang tang

What’s fun is this latest listing of words and close equivalency of meaning…

If you can enlarge enough, piang tang seems to mean to offer neato no trouble real fast.

I include a second page on ranking as i can likely use the markings later for first rank!

Anyone notice 1-9th ranking but China invents everything….nope Arabs the zero?

It takes a LOT of desert to find zero.

Haw flakes… Are Hawthorne berry candy. Or, for 15 years I get to be wrong-a-roo! Thanks, everychanging Wikipedia!

Anyways I’m not heartbroken not every whisper is Right.

I also read that tinnitus (ear ringing) CAN be cured with hawthorn berry tea. Go figure it’s two years lost where but here is a list of traumatic brain injury herbs in case you want the ringing to stop and you don’t believe Valium will help and you don’t want anti depressent pills for nothing.

Or, enjoy cussing or silver line the ooooo stinky I was WRONG.

Now you can see non narcotic/dope-it-ignored… Hope.
Embral but Florida find your brain base to make this effective…
(Stroke relief/recovery)

Or you can see niacin, to blueberries for brain relief between the stuff and so now 8 years results weird medical help still not approved.

It his useful not always being right… ;).

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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