Armchair Tourisim

Castaway Seashells: 2019 10g Pure Silver SCALLOP Coin
That’s a new…not cost effective, but neat! Castaway seashell Fijian “silver dollar” actually silver requiring but I didn’t investigate if I ended up! With 10g silver in my hypothetical armchair tourist here coin. Kitco spot price Ag 2/06/20 is 17.71 a Troy ounce USD… Or .57 a gram. So 30 bucks for… 5.70 in silver which has a stated worth of 46 cents general Google search Fiji to usd currency exchange (forex). I mean I’m all cool about neat. I bought a very rare at that moment 30 pistachio’s in chocolate bar for a hoped-for but lost love… I’ll buy neat…. I’m betting so will you.

K my I live where I’m far more likely to find gold. My areas are higher in quartz ores. This doesn’t mean no silver. But at 1/10 the price of gold silver? If one can understand real work if not do it…I’m armchairing enjoying life here I don’t have experience in move the 20 cubic feet of ore of a quartz type which is a ton or there abouts ore thus how most calculate or talk about ore value yet without a volume just given, such makes little sense. But if one can’t understand the hardship of moving rock…mining.. this is where it’s drill and blast slog and toil. Then the processing!!! But silver is here not because gold isn’t more prevelent but because gold is harder to process and if you can’t make money in silver…. Don’t bother. Works work. But as frustrating as it could get clubbing rocks? In winter….in water… All day to get simple but double cost supplies…hating camping and weather… Welllll if you can joy in silver which a lump half a softball worth ish is three pounds and thus ~40 Troy ounce or 17.71 x 40 or 708.40? That’s light money a week maybe but it’s a handfull? 😆

Realistically the next vid shows real tools and tricks but not location if me be save generally. This is fun… I think of one difference that is a not torch kiln …

Solar panels to acheive 17kw is 18 x 18 ft if! Right type efficiency.

Not an easy your about ammout of power but ooo spa city spa in camp!

Jaw crusher

Snake oil exists and that’s murderous to sledge hammering ore to one inch rock? To use that murderous again tool? Don’t be received. Mining sucks. It’s not easy peasy even with dynamite…excepting if you court death or injury or not màking money too.

Jaw crushers are bigger automatic too

But now a video where you can see ore to ingot.

You’ll be able to make sure to have flux but don’t be dumb buy flux and smart folk know why you do. You aren’t hiding long your operations or intent.
Check table, processing, dust control, money!! But if camping and hard labor are your thing? Dwarves paradises await thee.

You might get some gold…

But even in mostly silver that box is a grand which isn’t shabby! One old gold coin can lol be $50k!!

But if you pounce on in
Pushing the Polaris onward
Humping the civilization
Yes a Jacuzzi.
Yes a yurt not no some sissy tent but mobile.

But more so than anything…
Yes, portable if porta-potty looking… Shower!

Yes dreams of her capet Burns and louged up grapes for the outdoor but civilized conquering hero…yeah yeah, puke… but at least theres less stench friends, hot tub with beer and a warm enough yet actually medically appropriate level of sleep support possible.?. Camping? Hahaha what a sissy in an RV atop mt. Everest offering the real hero a doughnut as I enjoy my lawn chair. Jerkwad I can be!

Want a Meade? A fine mallomel? We are talking my mining..atop mountains in feeling is meades?

It’s only a year salary in gear but you be comfortable pissing her off you camp so well but lose money! Toys! God help you if you mention guns. Sure it’s cozy comfy but MONEY! And better you show it not just paid, used, returned investment but a profit! That’s a long thick line of ore my friend.
Yes aerogarden tomatoes… Maybe you can arugala and eggplant and cherry pepper… Basically unlike most
Unlike most Yahoo camping! Hotdog action…. Why not?
A Chicago dog in them there hills.

Not gold digging but send up some rock to heaven for the paydirt life requires…

You can rhymes with toucan
Paradise states of mind thought lived
But exotic joys no?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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