Xanthe Terra Cuisine

Name / Title is decidedly a pun on “ecstacy.”. X.t.c.

Now the place is Mars, via a fancy internet magazine clipping map
In between lunae plannum and meridian plannum… Some “earth” (Terra) that’s moon and middles… Ah enough meandering.

Science required, boiling water. Understand pressure/temperature variance (and a co2 atmosphere) as it’s gonna effect supper.

What supper? Beans, baby.

Cute kiddo shows yous how.
Old guy finds mold mmm but this here borrower guy thanks him because now you readers know what not to select for supper.

Favorite Einstein-y sciences discusses water boiling

At Everest base camp 79*C (sea level 100*C water boils and for general not to specific inches or millimeter…. (17,600ft)……55874.72458..73012…0.1..0.193.1834.4j12……0….1………0i71j0j0i22i30j33i22i29i30j33i160j33i299.SjgvNXTGwT0#imgrc=-thnWbIBXaFzIM:

Deep into the giveaway of Beans Mars? Is this
Those of you who read squiggly internet address Jumble, you know where we’re going to end up at the supper table eating….and I bet you think you’re smart! Wait for the rest of us.

Minus what he lists as coriander which garnishes green? Uh oh that’s…. Cilantro! Of here comes the soapy taste… Skip skip skip if not your bag. And because I’m being a dickhead sàying that here you go about as unauthentic possible! A chili of Mexico/Texas no, Brittain. Granted, do be very very careful of which smoked paprika you select as you can get a lava spicy chili.
Normally i detest this site now as I made use of their info and it failed me no channnnnce at redemption. However, the underscores key points that are accurate. Time differences at altitude .
Altitude approximately
(28 miles high … Lotsa Denver har har mile high city,)

British chili… Because it’s tasty and optionally mild!!! From
Neato on 60 day beans, kiddo
From Goya! Non irradiated red beans!
And just think of that red Martian soil being extra iron!

Bit of an impossible on fresh never frozen animal products as this isnt Noah’s ark.

But if it adds 15% time at 1/2a mile? I’m being ridiculous on purpose… Thats a fivvvvve hour fast chilidog. On Mars!

Do you wanna unseat me for the gravity gift off this cliff?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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Sure, i looked up the new available boiling point calculators. I did this concept before, chili on Mars. It’s okay. The point is this tries to talk differently to change who I write to. Please understand I see my voice and have from seven ish as a third eye. So getting so you can hear is the trick… I’m already my own best friend to have the conversation going 🙂

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