Can’t operate can opener.  Counters attended.

IMG_20200112_155006392my smiles now. Hopefully they melt


Prep to prove it came from such.   And how it constructed.

I can’t cut well chin holding fork and the other cutting… That wimpy the one hand.


But, if you took class one or watched your hero or lust object, on tv… You try to both have every tool and ingredients ready.  As you see I need d more even then as ‘that’s life.’ (church keyed not can opener-ed cans)


3:51 to 409 250f oops not holding now I’m cooking!  360f iron Skillet about 440 455 to begin the look for edges on.



If I don’t believe I’m pessimistic and that’s MY reality.  And the Christian’s eaten by lions as those condemning laughed at your gods power their point didn’t have enough faith?  God hasn’t been there with ten thousand legions of angels for everyone.  And I don’t want every.pot or pan licked by the dog “his wages” the house tradition! Either.  That it’s all rules for who what love for what?  Every little thing is gifts with strings hypocracy yet Jesus Jesus Jesus how you quit drugs or alcojol on neither yet that’s your demon possession or whatever your word health your fault and if Jesus comes into you life by your quitting the devil???  Oh my


I very much disagree.

… Outcome:

(Less lip more food)

4 served as you see, room for seconds and lunch leftovers. If feeding real eaters this is 4 but I get full on frozen smaller meals or one! Pot pie.

Room for salad and a veggie if stretching.


( Don’t mind grumpy and I am grumpy about the Jesus bash.  I  sensitive about all the holier than thou stuff anyways… I do disagree about this concept it’s devil and demons keeping us from prosperity or health but I’m not paradoxically ugly cold it’s all your fault either.  I’m much against that and moving away from that even as ever a focus.  By example that notion would make Hitler favored of God and thus millions faithless by comparison and dead and that is my meanness to claim that otherwise heartless evil. It’s not! a sin to be conservative!  It not a sin to want to keep yours yours and not fall for every sad-sack story often hiding Ill preparedness efforts or other grim certainties of outcomes unfortunate…   But it sure is unwelcome to me this notion if I ain’t rolling naked on a floor knee-deep in onlythousand or above  bank notes I haven’t faith and it IS my fault.  Come cast out my demon so I may right as I’m oh such a wretch.  I much prefer being a bit brighter in my esteems.  God is great.  I don’t care if that makes me dumb to atheists and all the more silly I’m hurting having to reorder in life after a change.  This is now actually pretty high up on my abilities and it’s not pretty like yesteryear.  It may be the best thing I got to attempt too as I’m not rolling in those notes!  But yes, there’s joy and yay it Was good.  Dieties smiling down even now good.  10.63/2/5ths this batch chicken, 2.19/ 3/4 used yellow corn tortillas, 2.49/ 1/3 used McCormick, 2.19 7/8 used cream cheese, 4.99 2lbs Munster 1/2 used, 3.99 paper plates 7/50’s used, 99 cents 4/9ths used, 1.89 x2 all used enchilada sauce,  5 dollar can opener too much for my hands, 1.29 church key yay for wasted money having a beer de capper.  4/90ths @2.99 ziplocks 1/4 3.99 gladware storage main leftovers or chili can chilidog lefts or ramen -knowing this is my sinkful but I’ve all day to get 8t done off…cool.  13.76 /6 is non have buy tools entirely or 2.30 a person served and reasonably a few pennies the soap to eat difference.  I’ve amped my game significantly flavor town wise and cut my costs dramatically.  I’m loved and survive despite lesser health to enjoy that success…blessed if you will… Despite issues or because of them.  That don’t mean I am bliss.)





By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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