Said With An Oily Smile.

Possibilities! Ooo.

The job hasn’t called no surprise but I not the worst huge/judge of actions… Want to thank my kindly folk teaching the concepts of -not being right – but being aware of possibles.. I’m not all that good at outcomes but I sure do know the way the wind is blowing! Hahaha. No bull. As in no stock show. :). Not yet.

I am here because I’ve struggled it home. All six breaks six blocks. Huffffffffffa! 11 ish in chicken split breasts. I’m glad I did not fight up today cooking that kind of Todo. I slept 5 after today’s treatment. 1 during for two always being on the edges of sleep. Just that edge of cold. Blah ;). But fooooood!

Chicken split breasts medium sized multi/family.
Bigger block Munster cheese 2 lbs
Pack of yellow corn but larger than mini street taco size..6 ish inches not 4. 2.54 cm to inch if you math from elsewhere
McCormick spicy Chipotle garlic seasoning. (I like them anyways especially Montreal chicken seasoning but here it’s paprika at 3.29 ten times my needs seemingly and I’m poor at this moment that dollar over 2.49 feeling is why)

Now I have enough red sauce for enchiladas already.
I may have green. I would have to make a white if wanting the flag of sauces.

Mom’s visiting and yet again die of embarrassment I need “help” (cash) and joy anyways as I can provide some yum in return !!

Since Chipotle gets warm spicy I must alter that accordingly. Since cheese can underwhelm and or drown! I must carefully guess just enough for ooooooooey of the gooey yet I’m making Chicken enchiladas not cheese with chicken.

Thats the flag of sauces, enchiladas.


If I slack, just red sauce cheese. I’ve limits on pantry and procurements and energies.

20-30 minutes to brown off a pot of split breasts and toast round one of seasoning that bubbles 2 hours so a second infusion in the waters of my “spices” is a must! Oh it takes thirty more for toasts, browned to hit boil I don’t have a kettle and must hand wash so two vessels folks pot and casserole! Please!

It’s 30-45 to debone chunk filling. This includes forming/rolling/ saucing enchies. If I’m down a cheese grater, it’s 15 more as im very limited two hand cutting cheese but some chunk and some thing melty top shaved? Mmmm. This becomes about an hour some covered in foil so later it crisps with a dash of yummy burnt melty cheese just right.

My hope. It should happen. I really do get so tired that this is a dream versus yesteryear lunches. But mom’s coming! 😁

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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