Bingo Boredom

What follows is a ‘broken thread’ of bingo boredom. It breaks as i can not focus visual arts to a blind audience. But what life is like hinges sometimes on art & style versus just period attitudes. And, to waste the nifty art is a drag.

I’m looking up if sears sold wallpaper and if so who by how much. I start running across names…not actual art so without a picture, I go hunting… Now you get links to your periods in design. This has and offshoot of Warner & sons containing the archive of the company closing 30 some ago. They utilized some of the top folk in graphic design over time. These folk were employed not by Warner & sons but but the ‘silver studio’s

This archive is how i found out the silver studio exists

Tulip Design

Via charles hasler

Don’t lament the goldstar appliances home of cheap knockoff living as lg is a well respected offering nowadays and very much…goldstar …merged.

Little green on wallpaper where times and production changed from handmade to block or roller printing In the 1840s — this is the 1820s link in.

The point is obvious, if you can’t catch a whisp of what it’s like from 1821 Springfield Illinois throu modern times then I didn’t try to let you live the story that is another’s lives. It’s a Hallmark of the advice to work successfully with older folk in the ‘home’. Just as in the art education I miserably failed, you must convey a thought a conversation to reality… Well arts talking.

But again you understand, um textureless designs don’t quite include the blind so shortly I must mosey along to productive searching…that’s of course interesting…not wow lookie at the pictures Mary Bryant home folk!!! (A live-in sometimes him for the blind)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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