Luther Vandross – if only for one night.

I know my lil thermos as is unused correctly, holds temp 1:30am through noonish. It’s warmed/tepid at 3 am next glug. I’ll still slug it as I’m a trooper that way and at 323 am I’m not yet clanging a ruckous up…. You should laugh as being quiet is usually being loud. Let me rhapsodize on a warm slug of coffee mid bus ride…… Let me mood-gasm some more awoken 936 to end of dialysis to my missed pill yet I’ve warm costa Rican coffee to slug my iron suppliment (lowers irritants of anaemia) down.

Memory lane. I saw some deep reading of my blog? Lentils? Oh lordy is that a throwback. Nice lady on South side floor 12-floor twelve’s 12th was a smoking allowed room of building break area.- and we chatted food. She threatened she’d share but only how she learned. You’d call as in momma in law to cook for her baby boy a dinner he’d eat, fussy-ass. I did not call. No offense, I am not on the market for a husband. Was-band. None of that, thanks. However, I remember so vividly I wanted a lentil dish…. Worth eating.

I think of the nice lady I forget her name. I really did manage it fifteen years later -sans call as she’d gotten c o p d and wouldn’t make it fifteen more… I can make with carrots, mushrooms, tiger sauce (very very specific ingredients here) lentils, soy sauce, and because it’s still vegan til the stock is added- a vegetarian boullion (which is less specific as an ingredient but important as spinach salt may be to thing or not) and? Frozen orange juice concentrate for the Florida living fucking SINNER I can truly be (if you live in an orange producing state or just close to the groves, you drink fresh or why bother living? That kind of snobbery church). This will with some bubble bubble action become with an onion… Lentil filling. This gets tucked into corn tortillas and those get bathed in sauce (red or and/or green enchilada sauce). Bathed in shredded to become slightly burnt melted cheese of a heavenly now not vegan…cheese… Vegetarian be worth eating lentil enchiladas… Remembering a friend.

VAriations learned on that 15-20 years?
O.j. with tequila, soy sauce, and onion?
Actually good with fish to be broiled and if heavy onioned shrimp marinade.

Learning the o m g of lentil stew… This one was ham hock, onion garlic of course, lentil brown normals, Worcestershire sauce, and bubbles til you could mash the lentils to a paste. Not my recipe… Sad I can’t fully share it as the character who owns it is a perpetual naughty boy not unlike the grandpa on “little miss sunshine” movie.

Thus you can see, it’s possible to meat it up! Or just veg around. But once I had the key… Heh… Tequila oranged soy…. And the lockbox of love, lentils mooshy. It’s only time.

I’m really thinking of a different her and my tepid coffee and how I want chilidog. I can make the chilidogs soon. I’m allowed some ruckous at get daying hours or if I legit am to be out the door saying myself. But being loud and you know I am even not moving because universal law of being quiet is that you’re loud. I try. To be quiet.

Listing bingo is a Lamentations wanh wanh wanh. I’m just a few numbers further with seemingly tedious hours to fill in the list relisting correct progress setting up the source notations college approved like…. Setting the later nastiness of presenting a proper paper not very effective for bingo calling… Or a faster Excell doc? Anyways I progress. I read where the heart of fun facts was just exploded on my world with a Washington Post article on the town… Ka blooey! All the local kitch now my shit’s shit and effing tedious and boring as the surprise is…the cat’s out of the bag…Gone. worse I’m in the depth of stuff I largely know I need to know it yet there’s zero chance I’ll heavily focus on negative junk…or it feels hopeless at the moment…. But in reality it doesn’t matter,I’m 200 ish facts fun boring tedious but in there is the point, if repeated, they’re remembered… This is where 200 softens the full. The clear work of reminding people even of the yuck, but never dwelling on yuck. Making fun of bingo with weather history as bingo can be as fun as watching the linoleum curl…were to vinyl nowadays…which is making the joke already stale, even more tedious! But the true point is that depth of listing isn’t just the local burger or dogs joint it is the weather which became fortunes and life…and you’d be surprised what’s dull to me excites others… So to them lemon facts! Someone may brighten. But perserveriñg even when one hoped to be a star and watches the sky Fall. Hahaha. A bit more oomph believing. Even if you’ll forgive me, the great railroad strike of 1922 absolutely ruthlessly busted by a later convicted of bribery presidential administration (teapot dome – a fall, Warren Harding presidency)… Well? It’s tedious to make a joke of the strike as a catch 22. Joseph Heller book on ww2. Damned if you do or don’t. I might need that specific fact. It bore’s me. It’s negative seeming til you see prison came or karma to the deserving. Nothing is easy peasy and 4740 strikes are listed for 1937 none obviously as important but you see something changing. Strikes go from being unsuccessful and violently suppressed to somehow working protecting and elevating the working man cause. Yet there’s no moment no a ha! Hums aha’s – take on me.

But here it is 436 not 323 am January 1 2020. In a puff break then fresh HOT coffee I can chilidog or ham burnt with egg action Eat!. Thanks for trying to follow.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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