Stolen life

The fire crackles
As the sips are sipped stolen
The elsewhere cancelled.

The most important light lately is the notion eggplant tomato jam. Not a sauce or salsa yet not quite raspberry preserves either. Just the right kinda simple on toast or gnnochi. Seems also the glory of a b l t, or fancy chef pants steak sandwich of meltingly perfect steak on s.okey toasty grand bread.

The perfect steak, the best steak, steak sandwich Gordon Ramsey after tomato salsa web recipe thus amped blt then see Gordon’s with effectively damn near same thing as prep goes of garnish/top. But the idea comes from researching American harvest eatery brunch 2019, eggplant tomato jammed gnnochi $10 with basil gremolata brunch plate… Part of town wow everywhere maybe but the same is different it’s really there! Denny’s hashhouse be as big as a house feeling they’re yummy but oof the weight of those french toasts balp in the belly and 13 a person ish unless the luck holds you want the special and! Its a discount… Or is it the same 10/tax and coffee with that brunch at fancy town? Choice exists joy too. Here there ahh. Do you allow that try that hope? Oh sure the drawback is light eats fancy sometimes im starved so maybe gobble a dollar my tray on the way? I know fancy town can get fancy priced fasst and a 10 plate can mean an app a second adult bevvie joys waiting dessert lingering at cost suddenly 10 and coffee is 16 in red beers or bloody Mary’s 10 breakfast 3 coffee 10 a fiend/friend and two 5 slices desserts yummy cake and with tip a ten to fifteen outting now is sixty bucks. Martha white is a dollar a muffin mix bring the whole tray! Unguiltily hoggggg out to fancy joint on 250 calories a muffin ish yes a dollar bag a person 1200 calories of moist chocolate choc chip muffin heaven or a complete breakfast before you get there hell bring a plate worth of bacon makes it better too. And now fir 5 bucks it’s still 15 a head with a small tip and youve left room to doggy vag home a taste. You dont owe anyone anything. If you don’t cook get a sausage biscuit at maçdonads for a buck. Same notion. Dollar coffee too.

I saw it 7.16/8.32 phone dies so cant shut 8.40 alarm as it wasdesperatethat moment to update then its 9.26. 9.40 alarm ntsebut i should get moving. Guests warm fresh coffee. 1053 left i needed 1105 ride. I could make busses but two ten minute oppinions given kills that. Call in. Almost guilty but who do i owe but me and i alerted those who must or do actually care. So shall i enjoy the stolen freedom?

While I must take more time for me in general, who do I owe? I can just as easily see steak sandwich “wishes” and eggplant tomato jam gnnochi plates “dreams” (“campaign wishes, caviar dreams” – tagline of TV’s lifestyles of the rich and famous) remain fantasy as I went in fact zero nowhere and it is actually okay. Others notified. Just it’s not wood stacked/tarped ready to go, it’s tarp narrowed wood gone scrap aplenty but now snowed all over cold out why do *I* always have to rescue the bullshit of not planning ahead *ever*. Today off as planned usual day in the life snags of ride EVAP and the door to shop cold drag wide open yet it snowed so what other wood ll come vwhat ride cwhy notbe tired facing an extra stomp extra early? Or who do I owe but how many fuck it’s do I have?

Perfect time to run out of smokes.

Perfect time to know again it’s wish others well when I fought like hell for what became rejection. And not be angry. Yet accept the mood and smile

Raises coffee. Some of you understand. Oh believe you me big surprise if all the moments collapse in outright bankruptcy opportunity and you’ll wish well something comes as you pick a different church thanine of the unwashed as what shine hath I got? Heheheh.

Have you ever dwelled in the town oh well?
Dreams the only fools gold to make gold, to sell
Watching every word every belief
Turn out a lie yet I sit where I’ve a seat
Hearing the laughter and life’s others yell.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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