11/04/04 -nowish or fifteen I. Social media…fifteen more as I was witnessing on a bbs fifteen before social media.

Pictures were not click-bait easy. One initially had to code the insertions if worse host pictures or whatever elsewhere. I remember the not automatic fifteen ago. I also rember the openness. I remember conversations! Granted many a soul cheated this for whatever gain or scheme. A couple strippers fundraised poof. I don’t live where you’ll know. I click like but never interact. I never say niceties. Poof! It’s fast how
… What Convo? Yay my post being specific and go away!

Fifteen before I counted login screen characters loading to forum areas where I even once had a jw lil bible thump-a’roo take on someone’s whatever they said. I still hear the occassion Al echo in atm machines where that setting of approval you hear the connection sounds. I remember empire a bbs text game was alllll the rage of your time wasting…. And being put out my gift of an old dos laptop came with leather goddesses of lesbos or whatever risque text adult game.

Say it in Bible or latex.

Now it’s different and you get far less for a quarter. Cell phones because everyone made fine use of no trace despite tv proof you could nevermind movies of drug purchase ala street Hustler’s via payphones. Now you can look up criminal and credit history to date…yet you still have tv where you can air the grieves about Mr and Mrs tan-line cheaterbate… Heh once in my history married brother borrowed my credit with permission but labeled me married when he was but it never have been thus it fifteen years says I am now. Hahahaha. I think I might have noticed.

I remember visiting one but due to her barely legal just turned insisted she have her mom at one gathering so momma wouldn’t worry….as much….gal turned out to be miseries to get on with … Let no good deed go unpunished!.

Heck I remember when tv wasn’t 24 hours!

You got ripped off mail-order music buying. Everyone fixed the prices.

But you sat down inside a pizzahut. Dad got a beer. Mom got her salad bar. More often the pizza was good.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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