As Moon illumines yore
Wolf at footstool dream yelping hares
You’re taiga heart sips the tea
Siberian -taiga via Google image search
Taiga – subartctic pine forest…waterlogs so think riverside/streamside

Yore – because believe it or not me vocabulary looks words up as I rust so much more half remembering knowing as I feel…shit what was it?!

Wolf /hare. No, not because you can’t think German Shepherd and rabbit/bunny on a meadow – in fact I rather don’t even care if your tea is coffee.

But those of you not the but remember a time long before that instant it’s full alit in nostalgic replay as you now aren’t that figure and perhaps dream of that wow of wonders lived then over the ashes memory now with tea… “Black pine: from the High Mountains!” (Mulan, Disney 1996)((tea, Chinese inherently, but black pine… BLACK is oxidized tea brewing deep Amber and PINE is a curious offer in tea of a pine smoked ‘country’ rural offer of pine smoked Black tea. It’s “Lapsang su Chong”. But

For actual location, but if one reads on the magic there’s value more than likely this book that tea 1989 1990 book, gevalia to understand joy culinary but in coffee and then as words or visions linger, 1981 book by 1993 Josh read and while later editions are okay and we gotta have the latest … ‘a Tea lovers treasury’. Which offered reputable purveyors still in business circa my times and now! Wow. black teas – Lapsang su Chong. Where my first experience came. Hukwa later learn what different tween those and understanding dawn’s. Learn that teavana I’ll visit and Colorado USA never carried either Lapsang or hukwa but at Petersburg Florida teavana did a lapseng woohoo! But unlike gloriajean coffees I the shopping malls of the nighties now bloody gone nearly, every time dick and hairy or Tom has a hairy wee wee my English rudeness for commonplace irritations the magic gets explained ruining everything like hey kids santa is the spirit you breathe alive into the season…totally ruins things commonality… Truth is chameleon that way… But unlike gloriajean coffee shops having wow bleands of flavored beans you once a special time might enjoy along with discovering before char sluts oops Starbucks coffee was everywhere.. teavana just is like a bigger liquor store of o4dinary tea…. The magic is lacking in teavana from my first visit having found the magic of tea without them and my then favorite was lapang su Chong and neither hukwa or lapsange we’re there nor anything smoked and only a smokey maybe Keenan that wasnt smokey and toothy priced… It literally took ten years before I stumbled on them again elsewhere happy they rightfully carried MY tea!
Now I usually get twinnings brand Lapsang suchong at a favorite Japanese market – pacific merchantile a Denver Colorado downtown market in a Japanese enclave of an apartment highrise a market and a Buddhist monastary. “Sakura square”. The reasons are fair as tea loose I a fuss and bother and even 2019 sees me with few places selling Lapsang su Chong tea…. Or claiming tea experience have any knowledge of what it Eve is yet fennimore Cooper wrote of it 100 fucking years before your company’s founder’s grandmother was born. Know nothing loser chump company jerks not carrying my tea hmph.

Search my wuyi china
It is not ‘high mountains’ from Mula lol that’s be more like Everest but why wouldn’t Disney name drop versus get the geographic of Mulan right? China. Oooooo.

Even Josh knows next to squat about China. But i know fortune cookies are American as apple pie. I know general tso’s chicken is also not authentic “Chinese” in a geographic world sense – Hong Kong but from British times- and its exposure to our menus is 1970’s nyc, USA. I like some versions all American of course perish the authentic in my soul hmph. Although oddly enough I like something authentic of China. Chicken in fermented black bean sauce.

My first exposure to China wow o wow Likely here with grandmom of the Canadian trick of jacking orange juice in the freezer with the glass to get at a sweet heart of orange juice. It took twenty minutes to vaguely conjur the word middlebelt and looking through the photos it has serving dishes like a raised platter for an oversized candle but it might not be the joint. I got sweet and sour pork. I can not have pork very often if at all anymore. This grandmom had tea cups
You’ll see quickly when I was early ebay era and time for inheritance days that collection seemed a fortune but later antiques roadshow would be shown to insured value terminology list a price unlikely ever to be had. But hit the links and replace your cherished memories collections…bit toothy, watch out. But specific memories sometimes are important. That link I have that cup but mom holds rightfully the collection… Funny she’d never share she liked the idea only but had her own ideas teacup style and didn’t want the collection when it was time but near twenty years later uses it daily now that it’s diluted with her choices styles.

In 1989-1993 I read the books above but mostly anything and everything Kurt Vonnegut. I did smoke one cigarette in that era one. But learning Vonnegut was pall malls and later acquiring the habit I found those Pall Mall non filters. Yeesh. But dad in his wisdom through my pack away and I avoided the habit til just before my legal alcohol age. That and Jim kjelgaard dog books. I was a cat owner another ten years then various siblings pets because I was on the system and might have got a poor persons discount…turns out one paid actually more for services if by pennies as my luck worked out every time and pet…. And they all died seriously right after the expense incurred, jerks. Doggie plastic surgery… Burried at clear Creek Park in a rock pile tomb now pretty scenery. Fix doggie who barked like Satan at only disabled people and ethnic cops…jerk…ran into traffic after knee job healed but bill came. But I found smokes is the point

Diamond matches “penny” (wood). Wal-Mart 97 cents boxes eight.
Smoker friendly brand cigarettes. 4.60-5.35 a pack 2019 red 100’s

There’s nothing like that sulphured first draw of a matchlit smoke

There’s something yum in a sourdough slice lightly roasted and topped with smoked salmon (you could say lox but lox is slightly different)

You can remember bordain’s hangovers then Murray’s for smoked sturgeon now like a 70$ breakfast if not 130 sturgeon alone for the fancy stuff. I’m like smoked salmon or kippered herring in a tin. Budget!!! man!

Just like my last romance’s…I’m single as the saw the budget. Love really does mean something…surrrrrrrre.

But Murray’s
Murray’s Sturgeon Shop

2429 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
(212) 724-2650
I read it in a book somewhere ;). And just like the carnegy deli I hit NYC with macdonalds cheeseburger money and now I can’t conceive of eating a half pound corned beef or pastrami the right way sandwich or 160 smoked fish breakfasts. But once for a second these youthful dreams came. If you read Murray’s menu it got me to Jewish noodle pudding. That sounds neat to pursue. I may. I may not. I’ve spaghetti still desperately to make like tonight or that’ll spoil.


And i can’t afford sin either.

But such is late night authenticity. The wolf mix yowls on and off very pattern clearly to dreaming outloud even if it sounds painful dying dog o m g . The pattern says dreaming. Again animal tests unwell so likely is on that count. Can’t walk well or unassisted so again is in FINE shape… But patterns. There’s still peace for her and thus good living still. I watch. I’m not whack em instant they’ve any health trial. I fit my philosophy as it’s given outward. But I like fake things and claim them authentic. I likely am a hypocrite.

taiga of your heart
calls with wisps steam up from tea
your yesters whispers

(It’s maybe blather vomit but it’s researched 😉 tell me if the Convo caught your conversation — or to define hypocrite… The teas are twinnings earl grey, Bigelow’s constant comment ((cinnamon black tea)) and I’m not reading dostoevski and the tea ain’t from either a proper British kettle job nor a Russian samovar. I couldn’t spell you’re I heard it in my mind but just never really use that word. I thus start at 11:39pm not midnight.
I’m in Colorado dreaming lapsang dreams and as you could see taiga isn’t Colorado nor am I in the mountain forests still not taiga….nor is mt wuyi in taiga country either just as Mulan as any Disneys is hips history for popularity and while I did have salmon on toast


There just is something to mystique and authentic. There really is. And oh I am authentic in myself but I’m not quite sure I’ll ever be popular authentic … And believe you me I was disappointed I couldn’t find my cream cheese and lol yeah right…I’m using matches not for authentic cigs nope…. I know I might be so bank funds challenged to decline on a lighter replacement…. Hahahaha. But yes we can talk capers. That’d have aided… But I haven’t really power cooked in a decade. I flat out quit last time here as everyone snubbed it even when I paid. As other experiences called. So like my understanding love counts meaning counts… True but sometimes only in memories or just to me. Authentic or mystique…. Tough but that.

Are you authentic. Careful, by definition yes…. Hahahaha. Does your taiga heart feel the moon? Oh shhh dog.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Taiga” as no, not Russian…. Canadian. Just as the Dixie paper cup holds the tea from the Mr coffee. We’ll be leaving early – traveling light…the ocean is where lovers meet again…just returned from the real one in September without mine. Ahhh sing it Lightfoot. And there goes the night horrors of the wolf’s dreams. Lol heheheh. 3.27 a m silent as a tomb all afternoon now dying in mortal fear while others could sleep… dialysis 10.30 out for bus. Next up should be meatballs but ooo yeah probably need fresher mince and or bacon lettuce tomatoes or a tuna add bacon hoagie…. Xmas someone else cooking is the next highlight. Ugh this mystique malaise. Lol.

At least the links work. For the record, you you’re your are all different words needing correct spelling. There are other spelling annoyances like one of Tom dick Harry’s is time dick etc hairy meaningfully misspelled…. But oi, editing is hot and precise! Just as I miss capitalization and punctuation here…yes, even I’m capable of picky.

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