Likely Suspect

Theres 3 pounds ground burger in my lower fridge drawer. It’s the fourth full day there. It’s likely knowing my luck suspect. It shouldn’t be ruined. It should be just fine. I don’t know. Ramen if I’m wrong.

Allspice if extent here is the principal spice of swedish meatballs. We’re talking Uber simple meatballs of the toast it dry ruin it dust in a baggy sourdough bread… Meat mince (read above it may fail). Salt allspice perhaps onion or garlice powder… Lazy cooking powders no longer are the alakezam! Bam! Magic in this new age of never frozen always fresh but always x.95 cost who can afford it? And I’ve cream and butter enough to make,y meatballs boil some noodles…buttered… And finish simple swedish meatballs. I can in theory freeze lunch action freezer perpetual stuffed extra full and the meat is today if it lasted. If I have allspice

Allspice is a pepper-like spice with a Spanish name. Pimento. You mean like the pepper stuffed in green olives? Yes. Such is the vaugeries of names. Neat. Devil balls. Hahaha. Anything pepper in five minutes becomes of the devil. Hahaha. If my food is innocent of taint. If.

I’m thinking this. I should finish some dishes and get after it but I’m quite lazy on my day off. I know the risk it’s ruined or I haven’t spaces to freeze off the projects. I’ve tea to procrastinate.

I’ve only spaghetti and I’m careful Leary I don’t get 2 loads I made them plus a sink present of a heavenly third round of dishes gift… Laziness!

And the is it good or will I be pray shopping up more goodies. And don’t worry. It’s fed either way. The point is that can I count on proper extended food handling. There’s a point to this. Mince is fully seeled. It’s never hit 50 plus fare height long and thus properly handled from store and stored. But if it lasts less booo. Fridge should store stuff. It wasn’t manager special old thus. Hmn Gamble. But one gambled to know my range of luck. With backups.

Swedish versus spaghetti Italian type because I don’t necessarily have my mini muffin tin from mom’s. We’ll see if I’ve tools. I may. But I never made pan fried Italian type meatballs so if I get what I expect, I have to boil step meatballs in stock so they burn char for flavor and I know no other way. Swedish style balls is no stock/boil step but you make a pan gravy with a splash of cream…balls versus cut steak is the differences tween beef stroganoff. But…
I procrastinate.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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