8 minutes sane

I got the hyperventilation of oo home renovation! Squared away. I did the dishes twice….and put them away.

Insights thrusting forth
Detritus invites us thus
To fly high on course.

Ugh. 12 and that makes no sense Eve if the rhyme works.

At least the chilidogs we’re good and I did the disheß after getting home renovation fantasies I’ll bee years after. Out of my system enough…. It took three months to put in an outlet I simply enough with help wired up 3 feet duplicated. This latest is a project!! Hahahahaha.

I’ll collect trash liners tomorrow…after dialysis. I mean I have to shop beforehand as I got time only to cross the street before it goes dark at 410. I did the cross after shopping… I don’t want that. One spot is unavoidable. But thats it.

Catch some groove.
Keep sane on the possible. I e not 50k correct spec renovations or 10k embarrassments…. Do the dishes and shut up.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “8 minutes sane”

Lol I’m in such fine spirits I’ve logged into my spare Facebook account 37 notifications of literally nothing needing a glance. I might as well update my passwords while I’m so that typically inclined. Might I smile the hope you platter chilidog supper soon ooo poo smiles.

Oh lol you know it was to moon (not troll) the “ex” like I really was being innocent and or good. Nah! Interestingly other a lil dash of ire, I actually wanted seperated good tidings. This is good in that I am not wholely bitter. This helps today’s tea. It’s so good the English contingent likes it. So: twinnings Earl grey brewed black like you would a pot for ice tea? Cream. I had a pound of cane sugar somewhere! (Meaning I didn’t spot it – no sugar for the diabetic.) And voila! Tea an English likes. He’s a plumber in case you are curious of socio-enconomics of opinions. A serious win if English like your tea in any event. And as we match to what comes… Remember u don’t know where the salvation is and you’re well old enough to know it’s never quite bang on time and I have leg room in this disaster finances seen seemingly. But that’s precious. Just enough to be lucky. And I’m tea-ed up at present. (If you want science, one coffee maker cup is 5.5 oz water. One tea bag is strong brewed at this point. Utilizing a coffee maker, which overheats tea just so you know. It is not ideal just expedient. Well 8 cups but overheated some and four tea bags is a pot of new twinnings tea that’s black enough for iced tea as made to pour over a pitcher or urn of ice and remain Crystal clear dark but correct strength. 8 * 5.5 is 40 oz there-abouts. So by overheating I getting a stronger tea or 2 cups per bag worth … This science is not as fun as the English method as described by Douglas Adams in his ‘salmon of doubt’ on proper tea… hitchhikers to the Galaxy fame. English as tea. Defacto expert. But is you science what works and understand it’s just a range… You’ll see I’m not cheating a result but you don’t have near the trouble duplicating independently my results. Science. You may now enjoy my Russia day of milky tea right out of Dostoevsky’s salmovare. Or call me an English tea hero. Mr coffee puts out 190’f waters while brewing or no waiting bubbling into pot brewing.. that’s your other point of info. Science.)

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