Stella got her groove- mines still not around the Goodwill.

Day three of brothers.
Dolly Parton, brothers Johnson, dj dizzy and Emily, yoshida brothers,Dan folgelberg?!, Stanley Clarke. Bleep! Nothing is grooving! Not even the beachboys!!!


There’s you my YouTube depth. I’m trying! It’s like I’m poking around the basement at someone’s grandmother forgetten’s house for a groove.

I made my first actual anything food here. Disgustingly good chilidogs/ likely enough indigestion. You’re proof I’m male. I’m cheap. I’m one handed and that space of grocery storage is outright brazen theft. This place lacks organization and storage.

We’re talking:
Wolf no bean chili (Texas red)
Frito lay snack jaleno cheese dip/sauce
Hebrew national bun length Frank’s
Wonder bread on special white hotdog buns.
Paper plates but with a print¡!
Too many paper towels… I made a huge mess two glurps one one the fllooor how??? Of course no dog trying to lick it up when you need one.

This approximates mine but mine were 3x more chili sloppy and I far too hungry to wait pictures.

To his is a few pictures to illustrate ideas so youve less to read.

The firebox with a refrigerator white behind it serves 4 adults including me. That’s too small for how it’s used. Ooo the fires are warm not like a Florida USA sunshine even if I technically get more sunshine in Colorado USA but still. Warm fire oo. The first picture shows a built in shelf area that is as about a refrigerator worth of space if you had the space to the floor. The 3rd pictorial view is what’s behind this shelf which is a junk workroom but not correctly insulated to the world so I can’t but have a proper construction and! Insulation!! As I want a quarter inch 10mm water line from where the dishwasher isn’t to a boxed in new refrigerator area so that a: I have a fridge that’s the biggest I can have afford. B: a little ice/water. This leaves where the fridge now to be a that space as a stand up freezer. Why? Guys don’t cook they pull out of freezers and reheat cook. The current set up is like space for one split with four. As you can see bachelor living at it’s most horrible… Space aplenty but lacking utilization of what’s present. But while cheaper solutions to what I can think of exist, I’m gonna Yammer this forward. Anything will help. It’s about a year 14 months project money used appliances and affordable handyman cost to achieve a replacement bigger fridge dishwasher and stand up freezer with building a pantry proper with correct electrical and the ducted insulated waterline for moving a fridge and using old space for freezer. So as I can save a small kitty of money to ask after permission and financing! From landlord who’ll have rebuild the sink too. There’s a reason no dishwasher is there it leaked into the room downstairs. That’s the plan but never! Ever! Try talking without money in hand!!!! Nothing will get done! Ugh waiting! But that’s the plan. Top fridge bottom freezer type bigger fridge if possible as it’s extra large pizza box sized space or party tray with vegetables o m g – a vegetable!!! Yet I know as tragic to real nutrition as this sounds more food will exit a microwave around here or reheated from the freezer to oven.

I’m one handed as I can’t grip or carry more than 6 pounds by doctors orders ever with using that arm for dialysis. I can’t likely build it myself which frustrates. I sucked at building anyways so forcing patience is a blessing and getting pro help is a good idea. But frustrating is costs time to save and…..I can’t believe there’s no vision around here! Ugh. I’ve no groove and I’ve more groove than this!!!

Help me find music I can enjoy?

If you’ve ideas on better serving four adult males in America and cost effective ideas or hazzards to look out for… Here’s your chance. Yes Angie’s list. But not until I’ve that refrigerator space money in hand am I calling the landlord. I just have heard too many fucking no’s. Even moving the existing fridge means addressing sink reconstruction thus fixing neglected maintenance. And leaves prepared room for a freezer and as allowed upgrading appliances…or lol getting that dishwasher replaced.

Heres some better pictures of the situation…

To put in a header beam means spaces. Count on 14 inches enclosed in sheetrock painted. The top of the built in fridge current cabinet area is about 74/75 inches or plenty tall for a modern fridge they’re 70/72 for mammoth tall ones… I still need width or 4 inches either side of machine hence the loss of one more stud but this is a load bearing wall hence the header. Now look at my ceiling and you see I have limited space to ensure a header and to include a say sliding glass door I have the width not the height. This is why I’m not stupid – it’s easy to custom fit a new door not a prebuilt sliding glass door just a dumb door. It’s easy to SAY engineer a been but it’s building permit and another 6k risked to even think of it. It’s also stupid to begin hoping for this without realizing it’s going to be a challenge as all homes can be. I don’t need 20k in hand or to feel defeated before trying nor expect now. But I do need real money. Real labor and real expectations and contracts/quotes before trying to get a yes.

Look for yourselves.

Oh and that bottom shelf. Half of that one crisper for of twois all the space in shelfing food plus fridge food I get – I literally am stealing space at that so I can have male fast food fuck veggies as I haven’t room even for canned veg. It cost 150 for this much. I’m pulling teeth and living hella rich at 5his pace for HOTDOGS. Tostadas salad and tuna sandwiches add bacon I will get a dozen eggs when I’ve room left when…. That’s why I say it’s careful how I approach an add a fridge. 5 k for a closet yes. But if it’s a rebuild the house at 12k cheap 19k right everyone gets paid one guy for nothing as is America usual then it’s lottery dreams for a simple damn project.

Or door yes, sliding glass appropriate but it’s heigth is 2 inches from current ceiling or no header in a load bearing wall. Moving a header into the next course of construction is asking 6k more in cost atop timing7k now at minimum not including 6k in appliappliances. A sliding glass door is 600 it’s not bad and duh putting in a header means a new door. Thus thinking ahead so it happens not is dreamed of but at 300 a month…this is not a 3 year dream cost it’s 6-7 not a small project but a major chance at not necessary for a landlord nor cost effective and thus getting up the how to make it far cheaper still right and people still profit correctly yet I get mine??? That’s the ticket! Yet still not make it look cheap. Like same door gross versus sliding glass light? French doors out can’t afford it same thing open concept to a non correctly insulated sunroom I’m not rebuilding add 20k more oh hell no because it gets into low fourties in sun room I can’t risk freezing a water line flood. Thinking ahead is key. Not going broke over paying key. Not giving up because it just isn’t simple is key but keystone is not living like this on hotdogs happily. Fuck this. And I like hotdogs.

Edit 2

Okay I’ve 8 feet now a fridge and not a sliding glass door but half of one but one more nasty post between these.

No big deal nor is having a double door sition or a windowed door. Nor 20k recon instructions project. But a header beam is a reality as is doors not an easy modern sliding glass but cheaper and custom sized too doors not majorly but this is not 7 ft egress sized house so it’s custom. And thus it’s toothy still and no small thing to remove a wall and or even ONE stud. Not cheap at all!

4×6 damn it damn it damn it. 3i could see not six. But the current sized door will fit maybe one Inc taller with correct trim. That adds 6 square feet more glass spaced window x 2 of light. And proper egress to the deck for a party not a trip and die in a impromptu worksho like it is but room to walk 4 feet wide safely.

It’s still 1800 for a fridge closet with heattape and insulated access possible conduit waterline inside chase plus about the same in a cupboard space to the right of fridge box above that counter between existing wall cupboard upper. This way storage isn’t wholely lost. And proper space is made for desired additional fridge….without losing my mind with a load eating wall in a small home.

1200 custom solid core doeescwith window top.

1500 4×6 steel I beam 3 posts
600 intervening spaces left wall
600 addition material
45×50 and 60×50 per week minimum
labor – 5200 a week is two guys. Realistilly it’s 6k a week and these two can hire under the table likely the third helper a yes man daylaborer and what is 2 days prep one day demo one day clean up prep two days staging jacking bracing two to three days one paid no work for delivery fail -. Two days to install and 1 more for paid help not working for inspection. 3 days to redo the bullshit required to meet inspection. Two days to do one days work on installing two doors and a built closet paying additionally for an electrician to run 12 feet of romax and install 5 dollar circuit breaker or 1500 bucks half day for him… Who will wreck a construction day. Plus install a 5 amp plug for heat tape as nothing ever is simple so two circuits hahaha yes I’ve room in my circuitbox….2500

Plumber to reconstruct trap plumbing plus whirly garbage disposal and dishwasher access electrician to make sure existo

plus 20 x15 their pay which 40×15 for day labor moving workshop out cleanup demo and move workshop back in minimum charge and I six hours being dead lazy for two half crippled idiot half drunk to move and tarp workshop I’ve done it twice. But people are lazier than I drunker than I and greedier still…so double 600 or 40×30 hours two guys up… Already tabulated right above…
But 6k *2 workman plus one helper third which is really 7k as that’s more than current rate but overtime allotted which is real week plus half Saturday most I’d get out of anyone. 2 1 1 3 2 fails 2 box up 2 other trades which are half day them plus a comeback plumber complete day on relating project 2 day clean up with trim guy flooring patch or replace one more 13 days plus 5 off is 18 of 2.5 time 7k is 17k add 2 for supplimentary labor moving and clean up add 2 k I insurance and real boy tools like construction dumpster and staging Jack’s tarps rental or otherwise. Add 3×100 x 3 weeks motel for house occupants minus a kitchen partial outrages water and electricity or 4k plus 1500 in partial dog kennel ing be that’s
18k labor, 2k auxiliary labor, 1 k gotta get it tools, 2 insurance overage, 4k materials 27k 3k is a nice taste of insurances toward overage and it’s still 6k in appliances delivered and hauled off 6k in motelling folk and animals correctly just enough to survive or a simple project is really 50k

So right is costed.

To drop the current shelf utilizing specs to floor. PL snuck in conduit and real electrical plus heat tape the thing as insurance is 1000 at best in material 1 guy 20 hours 25×20 500 right. Double that cash1000 right? Fridge 800 used delivered same for upright freezer 1500 for maintainanced sink and cheapo dishwasher… 17 months 300 gone don’t begin til 18 is in hand. Lol plus 3 til inconvenience motel kennel is adequately acheived!. Voila make more like a 7k projects not 50 some!. Plenty of room for it to be a nightmare of lost friends only in it for a quick buck but enough to get it done between 3 people paid and it only costing twice as much as predicted. Hahaha. Even fancy ideas cost a mint done super squak cheap.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “Stella got her groove- mines still not around the Goodwill.”

The reality check is the project you see is possible but the wall is the original load bearing exterior wall of the house.. that means I can rip out the hole thus box in a refrigerator space. But I’ll be buying custo sized refrigerator. No. I lack likely 2 inches width to correctly slot for a on market fridge side heat exhausting space. I’m not stupid. Glittering eyes happy excited, yes. But not stupid. To slot for putting in a load carrying engineered beam, replacing the exit door to that sunroom workroom with correctly insulated refrigerator closet and the sink rebuild ? Beam is 2500. Moving people to clean out spaces 200 twice 100 tarps as it’ll snow. 1500 to build a closet as I have to run an 15 amp fast blow refrigerator electrical and ainsulate the box plus a conduit for water line in a non heated sun room from a heated house. I mean it’s got to be right. Fridge desired 1200 new 800 if findable used – 1000 stand up freezer scratch and dent new and about same typical findable used. 1000 more because people want labour profit and everything costs more than you think it does. And 1000 more for a 300 dishwasher because you don’t see one thus you’re not installing a new one but reconstructing where one used to be. That’s what I not being stupid about costs mean I have to this party 300 a month so it’s months to save the first bit of money and until 1500 in hand exists there’s little point in asking help unless what’s here breaks. 1500/1600 toward 6300 desired with mine being overrun costs get started costs with a rent increase to repay it… Nothing’s free. Or ever really comes in at budget. And not required. But. Such is an example of possible. With luck it will happen. But it pays to think ahead and dream. I know the plumber. I know the construction guy. Having a clear cash in hand for the correct phases required and budget will allow it to be a project not an idea. And that’s going to mean less help more money down. It’s one thing to ask permission another for money. So to avoid no more money saved in preparation. I mean I don’t a rent increase! Yikes. But ugh the neglected maintenance is ridiculous. 4 males and a tiny icebox. Ridiculous. What things really cost…. Haha you get the idea. I’m actually lowballing costs too. Add 2500 just for labor and 500 on delivery haul out on appliances and 1000 on beam plus attending permits construction/inspection and 1000 insurance in construction plus Jack and staging and you’ve a realistic cost of a simple little proper closet built in space. Yes 3k for a two week side project profit is barely enough money to properly cost the job. I mean 4 days work. But that’s to understand what workman get paid. 11k. That’s no simple 300 a month fantasy. That’s major renovation type project action. And that’s how fast I go from stupid to trying to understand how to make it happen to it’s in the dream stages. I’m not asking til I’m cash in hand enough no matter what it is happening…. I just need permission to I mean it’s not my house if I rent but cost effective maintaining is always welcome.

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