St Elsewhere

I just read after the house i wish I had…it had a presence.

I tried to recapture that in music… Flunk-aroo.

I tried getting up a bit of what a pump organ can do. Crowded house has a digital pipe not pump organ in don’t dream it’s over. Brothers Johnson has something more compatible with a pump organ capabilities in strawberry letter oh I forget the number.

I’m zipped up inside as I’m cold! But I pay to be here and i know not yet on cranking everything to the walk naked or melt levels as that’s a cost.

I’ve investigated a one handable pie semi homemade. Just a pinch shows a lemon meringue pie. I’m fresh from Florida September and before. I’m this seeing not sugarplum fairies but key lime not lemon. I mean it’s not beyond to juice limes versus lemons and do this pie limed not lemons. Pie crusts at the appropriate store section as I can’t rolling pin nothing one handed. Just a second on links. I bring this up having not hammentachen cookies knowing I might not pie this way either. The point is feeling the currents dessert. The point is joy. But remember it costs and passion is a poison if not pursued carefully. I mean iade coffee and all I dreamed of coffee for here and I got up that? Understand that is I did store coffee mostly tea flavoured milks chocolatings etc and my first pot here was a correct strength gevalia espresso. It chocolates like I’d throw up …strong coffee can wobble my tummy. So far no puke. Whee. But understand I can taste reality and it’s not vision flavoured. So to link and remember it’s a great idea but I’ve little to waste on non vision flavoured pursuits.
Theres 3 main recipe all similar. This covers lemon filling as a cook and serve pudding which can thus be lime not lemon.
Limeade recipe in case you didn’t work the food court corndog purveyor and couldn’t beach up a whale let alone a drink.

Oo I can turn on the heat! I’m 45 and for the second think I can afford my life. I’m laughing as should you. Hahaha you know I forgot next month as that’s required

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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45 x 5 grams or one cup of sugar from 5g sugar in the raw packets or two coffees to likely swipe enough packets to make up such an amount when it costs about the same to buy it. Ever wonder why I needed to know I could swipe it when it’s literally easier and affordable to buy it? So do I! I got quite catch a groove. My coffee was good but unsettles some. Tummy and powered jitters.

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