A West State Story

Kingsoopers hit up so I can eat up.
Sister’s phone blown up so I can sleep up. Liquor store snuck up so I can celebrate up.

The Brothers Johnson spin (ain’t we funking now) on my phone with headphones. The wolf hybrid alternately whines as he’s a sore hind end (possible, I’m told cancer). The cattle dog can’t shut his damn mouth if anything moves.

Peppermint tea
Fruit tea sampler minus the cherry.

50 box Earl grey

Coconut milk

Folgiers tubs:
Black silk
1/2 caff.

Gevalia 12oz.
Costa Rica

200 junior badkest filters

Chocolate syrup

Palmolive super tall green
Scrubby stick

Bathroom shower floor scrubber

Scrubbing bubbles shower spritz/foam

Pine floor cleaner

Toilet duck
(Thank God they’ve at least a toilet brush)

Two pack gloves (L)

Bounty paper towel
Huge array paper plates

15 box gallon ziplocks
90 box sandwich
30 pack paper cups with lids coffee

1 4x ziplock Tupperware ramen sized

Mayonnaise ( super jar )
Two super french and thousand island salad creams
Head of lettuce
Mild cheddar shreddard
Black olives blister packet

Tostada shells
6 refried beans
4 taco seasoning packets
8 red and green enchilada sauce cans

2 chili ( Texas no bean red as chilidogs)

4 cans huge traditional spaghetti
2 Pounds semolina type pasta spaghetti

4 pounds bacon ,(3.99 special damn it)

2 pack cream cheese(👽 1 lb)

1 6x beef ramen
1 6x chicken ramen

2 6x bun length Hebrew national beef hotdogs

2 12 box blueberry cream oatmeal

90 treat baconesque dog treats (they hate)

20 soft taco/small burrito shells

Tuna cans/, pouches
Hamburger mince 6 lbs
Hotdog buns
Hamburger buns
More lettuce

18 count eggs
2x 8 biscuits
10 muffin mixes Martha white
2 lbs butter

1/2 cord firewood some greenwood exists
Benzomatic torch/fuel

10 lbs sidewalk salt
Bread bread

Blanket carried cancer dog to potty time
Tall boy El pacifico beer various grapefruit Bacardi hi I’m here!

Awaiting matress delivery or airbed

Need hangers

What you dont see:
20 nori /mat
Rooster sauce

Tomato paste small sauce

Chicken wings


I’m good on foods some choices I’m good on collecting rest. I’ll need the rest of I can use them tools to clean and about a quickie updo on cleaners. Everyone with their plan on tools and I’m one handed hence lots of sidewalk salt etc.

But near two months in town I finally move in

20 rides tickets to cover bus tickets yet save half.on pass. That covers dialysis travel and a doctor trip or two

I’ve a coat gloves good shoes hat with hood.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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