Second e r visit. ( For a seizure during treatment first suspected in 40 years – petite Mal if it was and I was awake before during after no fancy lightshow dangit) Ooo par ty. These are
Clotted dialysis access working Tuesday not Thursday so Friday emergency angioplasty. I’m just back from follow-up with vascular surgeon with yet another long paper to hopefully have no more issues – however, I may have to have a surgical “revision” on that access. Approved for use- 10/09, clotted dead from 15 gauge double needle use from single needle 17 guage beginning on 11/12-15 all upon a fistula placed 7/05/19 I did clot beginning on no heperin I don’t know exactly when this was stopped but remember it’s 600 aonth supposedly for it… And my rush to have 15’s is so lesser phlebotomists can hook me up so basically I’m saying coldly I’m gently pushed to be easy money. It is difficult to not feel this way when im asked to start later when it’s bad enough I can’t get out til after four most often and I don’t want to travel at night – I never get the easy reschedules as if I’ve a plush chair time they want me easy and on the last of the shifts…so if I’m troublesome one gone? The way insurance vagueries work have insurance jerks walk to your chair in treatment so you can’t pose reasoed questions… Ack. It’s fast how one can be taken from pleased they always got my true time kept and a true showing of care being careful bringing me online with a fistula to less than amused at the non discussed changes and continual fight with proof that I gain weight and do poorly with complete adherence to blind baseline calculation of dry weight only from that days weight calculated for removal… I’m somewhat limited as I get low b p from treatment ruining my rest of day requiring more sleep to recover thus up all hours… These things challenge. Yet each day I have to feel I fight to control how my treatment will go. No you won’t say 68.7 with a previous 65.7 that 61 summer clothes weight many cramps always in treatment that hmn adjust me. Nope simple kneejerk 68.7-61 15’s no deviation oh show up later so we can … Wow I’m just a number and have to pay for doctor paper to change my outcomes…. Ugh. This is tbos nationwide chain’s headquarters city. Careful, complain and 60% of choices for care disappear
;). Yet multiple issue and e r visits showing I must be careful and feel a fight to not be railroaded out of a limited life where the treatment isn’t wise than the disease.

I want more coffee. I look forward to coffee by firebox roaring. I’m pleased it shall transition well. Believe you me I’m pleased I’ve care yaay. I’m not free of concerns but no one is! It’ll be a joy as it is already. It’s a fun to see what will be.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “Party!!”

Im not yes some hassle but I’ve tea. I’ve finished a 12 oz dry tea bag amazingly. You just let me hug me but share how surprised I was to actually really tea it up. The real hug isn’t the tea but peace. I skip some scenes before the transitions. I can hug the joy that was even the boo it didn’t develop as hoped. I can wonder perplexed how possible some dreams are not by my hand alone but easily made or journeyed through-able minus the independent element me I’m not I’m very much tied to close living to treatment or the 3 a week tours alllll day to whereever. I’m not sure how that will magic me forward. It’ll happen. Why not? And 😉 there’s tea. I’ve the dough ball today for cookies – hammentashen- jam centered shortbread rather similar to a Danish but a biscuit and thus my dough ball is Bisquick but it’ll be fake sugared but I did get real butter… And if it comes out it’s local farm jams. Diet cookies if you will… I can even lie no sugar added! Til the maybe sugar dusting which experience disallows fake sugar as it melts faster and all gone bye bye which booooooo isn’t allowed. I don’t expect miracles I know what fake sugars do but maybe I’ll get a sweet enough cookie.

Ack, for sure. And I’m so sorry to hear about all of this, J-Man!
Keep looking for, finding, and enjoying the joys in each day…even if they are small joys and even if they are few and far between.
Hope you have good Thanksgiving week…hope your family does, also.

Hugs back at ya. Sometimes it’s a lil whine. Heh but there’s coffee. Thanksgiving there running which means I won’t need tryptophan after lol. But it should be grand. It’s chicken wings now baked.

At oh God thirty am, bored. 😁. To be truthful tired. Mildly sparking excitements. I got insurance and a callback to see if it’s even better than expected. If I get the hmo then I’m running bang on schedule yay….if not 300 ish a month come on something! I have a week before am session. Now to level some last chance stupidity before it’s unaffordable.

Joshua Seyfarth but I lemme guess link failed… Darker blue shirt parade rest. Not the me in a Florida swamp tree (also me but don’t use… Old food and such pics.)

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