I ssalt you like a cod ðŸ˜›

Let’s FIGHT!
I’m gonna lay out ordinary and a secret ingredient which were gonna have rumble over.
It isn’t gonna be remotely authentic. And I’ll just bet that besides a dash too much SaLT? It’s gonna be keto depending on how to heap it on.

Corned Beef brisket supper.

Irish? Not according to any Irish I ever hung out with! It is Jewish deli delicious straight out of NYC!

If you read this is a Kroger branded brisket. – precisely what isn’t sexy overpriced 20 bucks usd so 1 kilo ish sized. It say it’s sprayed with sodium solution and phosphates…. Meaning if you’re cutting these things, this is prepared based on what markets as tastey to a majority. Make certain to rinse before placing in roaster and make sure you find the plastic pouch like Halloween candy spice pouch and not plastize your roast like a dumbass. You can waste a few paper towels patting it lovingly dry and not drip meat juice everywhere like a murder while cooking.

Potatoes Fresh Produce 5 Lbs

I know purple potatoes exist and they’re high in potassium and carbohydrates. Peel off the skin as you know dang well roasted brilliance is only possible with loving prep.

Yesss purple carrots exist and last time I saw that was on a can of San Pellegrino blood orange soda whereby it was colored with purple carrot. We’re using boring normal orange AND I’m aware they’re also Carb-y with a high natural sugar content. I’m cutting mine so people get what they actually eat…. 1/3 of a carrot for the nibble with half a pound of meat if’n you watch

Cabbage -. Boring normal green chopped enough to cook and plate.

Yeah it can surprise you it’s “Cole” and thus Cole slaw…

Now let’s argue

You can argue this is a high salt destruction with wanton disregard for phosphorus lessening atop being “processed” and then how typical typical it is no possible elevation or authentic to it.

But the argument I’m aiming for is the magic ingredient choice:

Beer. Oddly enough I find this non alcoholic one the magic to roasting meats… Roaster meat and liquid and lid means technically something different than “roasting”. Just like non alcoholic beer means tasteless water of a pointless nature to anyone with a mouth as jokes go… But I am not eighteen anymore and I don’t need a nipple of a baby bottle put on my keg for a silly joke.

Well that’s my idea for Saturday supper with my siblings. I bought the stuff minus beers.

I could get my favorite black, Murphy’s Irish stout. I could also get lucky locally with Denver’s renegade a Russian imperial stout. I could an assinine heathen and serve odoulles too 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “I ssalt you like a cod ðŸ˜›”

I tried corned beef once and did not like it so I have never tried it again. I did always think it was Irish! I don’t pay as much attention to salt as I should. Take good care! Peace ✌🏻

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